Abdul : Baba’s devotee

Abdul : son of Sultan of Nanded in Khandesh, Aged about 65, Mussulman, residing at Shirdi

8th December, 1936

I came to Shirdi 45 years ago (1889) from Nanded on the banks of Tapti. I was under the care of Fakir Amiruddin of Nanded. Sai Baba appeared in the dream of that Fakir and delivering two mangoes to him directed him to give those fruits to me and to send me to Shirdi. Accordingly the Fakir told me of his dream, gave me the fruits and bade me go to Sai Baba at Shirdi.

I came here in my twentieth year. Even Nana Sheb Chandorkar had not then come to Baba. Baba welcomed me saying, “My crow is come”. Baba directed me to devote myself entirely to his service. From the beginning, I lighted and put oil into five perpetual lamps, i.e., those at Lendi, Masjid, Chavadi, etc. As for food, Baba was not giving me or any one else food. I got some food somehow and lived 5 or 6 years in what is now the stable.

I was always by Baba’s side rendering service and read Koran near him at the mosque. Baba occasionally opened the Koran and made me read the passages on the page at which he opened the book. He occasionally quoted passages from the Koran. I went on writing down what Baba was uttering. This is the book (in Mahratti and Modi script) which contains the gracious utterances of Baba. Everything which fell from his lips is sacred.

I make use of this record in the following way. By Baba’s blessings, I have full faith in what he has said, guiding me and every one aright. When any one wished to know about the future or other unseen and unknown matter, he comes to me and states the problem. Then I reverently consult this book of Baba’s utterances and the answer that comes out of the page opened comes out correct. This has been tried and proven many times.

This gift of prophecy is due to Baba’s grace. I shall give two instances of such consultation. When the well in the Sai Mandir was dug, the water proved brackish. Baba had attained Mahasamadhi at that time. I consulted his utterance book. Baba’s reply was that as a result of deeper digging the well water would become sweeter. I dug the well deeper by two feet and well water was no more brackish. A second instance is Barrister Gedgil’s. He wanted to know if his son would return from England. I said he would and he did.

I use this manuscript book of Baba’s utterances along with and just like the Koran. I go on reading it reverently, getting absorbed in it and go on rolling my beads at the same time.

Baba sat behind what is now a pillar-like structure at the Lendi in which a “Nanda Deepam” or perpetual lamp is kept up. I found generally that Baba sat behind the Lendi pillar which enclosed the lamp and not in front. From there the lamp was not visible to him. I never saw him gazing at that lamp. I was the person to do the required service at the Lendi and at other places for Baba. I used to fill pots with water and place them near Baba at the Lendi lamp place. He would sit near two such pots full of water; and he would go on pouring out the water in various directions. What that was for and whether he would utter any mantra while doing so, I cannot say. Except me no one else was present when he poured out water as stated above.

I do not think that any other Mohammedan except myself was reading Koran or other Holy books sitting by Baba’s side. Baba would occasionally go on speaking out sacred words and I have noted them in this note book. By Baba’s order or permission I have taken all this down. The writing can be read by you or other devotees. The script is either Devanagari or modi.

(N.B. – Abdul hands over the note book to B.V.N, who finds they are in Marathi language. There are prayers to Maruti in those reports or speeches of Baba. There are recitals of the Avatars of God dovetailing Mohammed and numerous others with the Hindu Dasa Avatar. Quite obviously, Sri Sai Baba and following him Abdul, revere the Hindu Avatars, Maruti etc. and pray to them).

As stated already I use these books not merely for daily reading but also as “Sortes Virgiliani” for purposes of prophecy.

Shirdi, 10th March 1938

No Mussalmans came and read books like Koran and Shariff to Baba or asked him for explanation. Several fakirs and saints came here. But I do not know if he talked with them on Koran and Shariff.

I was busy with activities (physical) in the service of Baba, sweeping and scavenging all streets here, and then read Koran etc., near Baba, keeping awake all night. Baba’s practical advice to me was that I should not go to sleep over my Koran reading. He said, “Eat very little. Do not go in for variety of eatables. A single sort, i.e., dish, will suffice. Do not sleep much”. I followed the advice and ate very little. I kept awake all night and in a kneeling posture was going on repeating the Koran etc., near Baba or meditating. Baba told me to have Dhyan on what I read. Think of who I am” he said to me.

One night I was tired and tried to sleep, holding my palms in front of me to rest my drowsy head. Then Baba said “Are you trying to see the moon?” That night I fell asleep and fell upon Baba and his gadi in that sleeping condition. Baba gently stroked my feet and I awoke. Next day, strange to say, when I took water in my palms and looked, there was a big moon in that water. It was 2 p.m. This was what Baba had spoken of. I used to look after the Lendi place and its light i.e., the ever burning light maintained by Baba there.

It was in those days placed in a hollow in the earth scooped out to the depth of about 2 feet and protected with a cover to save the light from being blown out. There was a pandal. A zinc sheet was the top of the pandal. Some 20 curtains of cloth were tied all round, to form something like a tent. I remained in it and looked after the lamp in the centre of it. That light has been shifted from its place now, very slightly, and is put in a raised pillar of bricks and mortar containing an enclosed chamber for the lamp. When Baba sat near to lendi he would sit close to the light. I filled two buckets with water and placed them near him. This water he would scatter alround that lamp. He would get up from the lendi and walk a few yards in each direction and go on gazing at that direction.

My service to Sai Baba was service to him and to all. I washed Baba’s clothes in the streamlet (odai) flowing at the village boundary. I swept the mosque, the chavadi and surrounding places and lit the lamp in these places and fed them and the lendi lamp with oil. I not merely swept the village streets but also removed the night soil. Baba called me Halalkoor (Scavenger) and “my miriambi”. I fetched water and did sundry services.

Ayi during the early years of her stay did part of the street sweeping work. Even then, my work supplemented hers.

Baba protected me and protects me by giving me the needed food and ensuring my safety and progress.

About 1927, i.e., after Ayi and Baba passed away. I was in Ayi’s sala, reciting Quran. The three walls of that dilapidated mud building suddenly collapsed and I was buried waist deep in the debris. But Baba saved me from any hurt. Baba has given me his blessings and kept me with him. First my Guru himself directed me to be with and serve Baba, and I did so. But later my Guru came to Shirdi and wanted me to go away with him. I replied that I could do so, if Baba so ordered. But no such order having been issued I stayed on with Baba and my former Guru went away from Shirdi. Baba’s blessings to me were strange and sometimes concealed in abuse and violence. He has beaten me and Jog many times.

He uttered blessings and prophecies, seated before me in the morning at the chavadi and then started for the mosque. Baba was constantly saying many things about Avatars etc. These have been written down in my note book. I take 3 baths a day. Only if I see the face of a lady, I can say positively whether she will have issue or will get married. I have given out such prophecies and they have come right. I owe all this to Baba. I give Asirvad to those who come to me.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI

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