Baba Summoned by Magistrate

In 1903, a man was allegedly charged of theft of some articles and was brought to court. The alleged accused told the sitting magistrate that the items were given to him by Shirdi Sai Baba. The said magistrate summoned Sai Baba to court to answer. A large number of devotees appealed to the sitting magistrate saying that Sai Baba was God and Divine and it was not right to call Him in court. The said magistrate agreed and instead sent a certain Mr. Nana Joshi who was a First Class Magistrate.

He came to cross-examine Shirdi Baba and collect the further evidence.   Sai Baba knew already what was happening. He organized tables and chairs resembling a courtroom before Dwarakamai.

Here are the questions put to Sai Baba by the Magistrate and the answer given by Baba:

Magistrate   : Your name?
Sai Baba      : All call me by the name of Sai Baba.

Magistrate   : Your father`s name?
Sai Baba      : His name was also Sai Baba.

Magistrate   : Your Guru`s name?
Sai Baba      : Venkusa.

Magistrate   :Your religion?
Sai Baba      :The religion of Kabir.

Magistrate   :Your age?
Sai Baba      :Millions of years.

Magistrate   :You take oath that you will tell the truth only.
Sai Baba      : I never told lies before and I shall never tell lies in future also.

Magistrate   : Do you know the accused?
Sai Baba      : There are none whom I do not know.

Magistrate   : The accused says that he is your devotee and he knows you.
Sai Baba      : I am with all and all are mine.

Magistrate   : Did you give those articles to the accused?
Sai Baba      : In this world, whoever wants anything, I give them.

Magistrate   : What kind of right do you have over the articles given to him?
Sai Baba      : Everything in this world is mine. There is nothing which does not                       belong to me.                       

Magistrate   : This is a matter of serious nature involving theft. The accused says that                       you have given him these articles.
Sai Baba     : What is all this fuss? I have no connection with this affair.   

The said magistrate was really confused and could not make head or tail of this case. It suddenly dawned on him that Sai Baba never left the place and that the accused was lying and as a result he was punished accordingly. Furthermore, the magistrate came to know that Sai Baba knew everything in the world and he always spoke the truth at all times.

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