Dasganu’s Bath in Prayag

Dasganu left his job with the police and became Baba’s staunch devotee and disciple. After receiving Baba’s blessings, he decided that he would lead his life singing Bhajans, hymns and praises of the Lord. Thousands of people used to gather just to hear his speech. Baba changed him from a man who used to recite baseless poems to someone who only sang the praise of the Lord.

By taking him in his shelter Baba had forgiven his sin. But with human beings, learning is an unending process till the last day of one’s life. One’s mind and brain is indecisive and never stable. We always suspect things. But on the other hand, God from time to time takes a human form and spends this life to teach us the facts and realities of life. But the vicious circle of suspicion, greed, caste and creed always surrounds us, and it prevents us from being one with God.

On one occasion, Dasganu went to Shirdi to get Baba’s blessing and he urged Baba to have bath at the holy river of Prayag. Baba said, “There is no need to go that far. Believe me that Prayag is here only. On Baba’s uttering this, miraculously, the water from the Ganga-Yamuna started flowing from His feet. All the devotees present there observed this. Shri Dasganu bowed down in front of Baba and took some drops of the flowing holy water to sprinkle over his head. But while doing so he realized that Baba is a Muslim saint and doubted in his mind whether taking water from the feet of such a Muslim saint would be proper or not?

Children! God gives blessings to all, but it is for us to get rid of any suspicion and have immense faith in Him. Because of one’s good deeds (karmas), such opportunities are obtained and therefore one should not miss such a valuable moment. Dasganu, too, always felt sorry for missing such an opportunity in life.

Source: Children’s Sai Baba book by Vikas Mehta

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