From Darkness into Light

Yogi Minocher K Spencer was a Parsi man born in Pune and moved to Karachi Pakistan. Rishi Ram Ram and later Shirdi Sai Baba gave him the spiritual guidance during meditations/astral guidance. Starting month of November 1952 to February in 1953, he received messages from Baba. In Yogi’s own words:

From 3rd November 1952 to 18th February 1953, Sai Baba gave discourses to me in the altar room and they were written down, word by word, as I heard them, without making any change in compliance with His command. These discourses, it will be seen, embody exoteric and esoteric teachings of all “the prophets,—Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Christ and Muhammad and the experiences of saints and sages, in all the countries of the world, from the most ancient time to date.

Discourse No. (2)

Man is a weary traveler on the earth plane. There’s a load at his back and his mind is shrouded with thoughts of fear and frustration. Footsore and heartsore, he drags on, for he knows not his destiny. Bound in ignorance, he makes self his God and worsens his lot as he treks his way in the wilderness of dried and frustrated designs- Selfishness and sin into an endless chain of misery and suffering. 

Caught in the snare of maya, he loses sight of the reality and sinks deeper and deeper into the pit of moral degradation. It is only when the sting of conscience bites him and remorse takes hold of him; he seeks freedom from this enslavement. Remorse and repentance open to him a new way to life. Behold, his ways are changed. There is no more the cloud of darkness on his face. He awakens to a new consciousness.

He is seized with a new force. It is the force of the spirit, which the sting of conscience has awakened and liberated. No longer a weary traveler, but a bright soldier, he forces his way and knows the destined goal that awaits him. Not sin but virtue, not self but selflessness, not. desire but desirelessness, not pride but egolessness, not greed but renunciation, he knows now, as constituting his armor in the battle of life. Fortified in this manner, with burning love and devotion for God, he seeks the path of spiritual victory. He vanquishes his foe by self-mastery and wins the goal—God’s own Kingdom of Light and Eternal BLISS-

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