Jayamal’s Devotion

Read this story on world wide web and sharing with you all. Hope you like it. Om Sai Ram.

There was a king named Jayamal who worshipped Lord Krishna with all his heart. Even a small doubt from Mind creates barrier between the Lord and Devotee. Only the Heart can converse with the divine. The Heart that is purified by fire and tears in separation of beloved, ultimately merges with the Beloved.

Jayamal used to worship Lord Krishna with complete dedication under the name Syamalasundra (Syamala means Black and Sundra means beautiful). He never felt the need to worship any other deity. 

As a rule he used to worship his deity till mid-day and he never bothered about any thing else during his worship. When a devotee is really worshipping its deity from heart then nothing else can bother the devotee. The bliss experienced during that time is indescribable.

The neighboring king came to know of this secret and he attacked Jayamal in the early hours of day. Jayamal’s  soldiers were waiting for their master response. But Jayamal felt “this kingdom was given to me by my lord and if he has decided to take it away then what can I do and none will be able to harm me if he protects me”.

The Real devotee becomes a child and put all its faith on the deity and when it happens then the deity takes charge of the devotee’s life, as Sri Ramakrishna did for Girish. In the mean time Syamalasundra, the deity himself, had taken the king’s horse and alone destroyed the enemies.

After the worship was over, King Jayamal came out and saw his horse panting and covered with sweat and when King Jayamal went to battle field with his army he saw the  whole army of enemy is destroyed except the king. 

Enemy king told Jayamal about the Blue warrior who destroyed his whole army. The enemy king does not seem interested in his wealth but wants to know about the Blue warrior. The blue warrior is the one who has cast a spell on his heart and soul.

Both the kings understood that it was Jayamal’s deity who had fought the battle on his behalf. The Enemy king worshipped Jayamal and through his blessings received Lord Krishna’s grace.

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