Krishna Waits

There was a great lover of Krishna. He had almost become absolutely absent as far as he himself was concerned. He had opened all his doors for Krishna to come in. Krishna for him was the name of the cosmos.

His old mother was almost dying and he was massaging her feet. It was a cold night. The story is beautiful. Now it becomes a parable; up to now, it may have been factual. Seeing that his devotee was serving his mother so totally – he has forgotten to eat, to drink – Krishna came to help. He stood behind him. The man was so absorbed in massaging the feet of his mother he did not look behind him, although he had heard somebody come – the footsteps.

Krishna had to declare himself: “I have come to help you!”

He said, “I am enough to serve my mother.” But he did not look at Krishna. There was a brick lying by his side. He just passed the brick behind him, without looking up, and said to Krishna, “Here is the brick, wait till I am finished.” And they have a beautiful temple in which a brick is preserved, and Krishna is standing on the brick.

Even God cannot create a disturbance in a meditator, what to say about a governor. I have loved the story. But my concern is not Krishna, my concern is the man who was so deeply involved in serving his almost-dead mother. In the morning she was dead. He was still massaging her feet when he found that she was dead.

Source: ” Yakusan: Straight to the Point of Enlightenment ” – Osho

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