Lord Brahma

After giving long and hard thoughts on whether to tell this story or not and after a long time I got the nod from Swami upon asking him when he said, “Yes, go tell it”; here I am sharing this with you all. I do not wish to be known & prefer to stay anonymous. Not many outside the circle of my immediate family knows about my spiritual experiences. At times I do reveal to some near and dear ones outside my family circle only when there is a good reason it may help someone.

First Vision and Inability to Recall

When I first penned this on paper it was 15th of July 2020. I could not write anything more after that date for some reason. It is only now that I have been free to complete this. As I told above, it’s because I received Swami’s permission, and the date now is the 16th March 2021.

It is somewhat incredibly difficult for me to describe the immense joy that erupted within my heart brought about by the beautiful vision. And yet I am at a loss in bringing back to memory the recognition of Him. I am talking about Lord Brahma, who appeared in my meditation. As soon as I saw his face there was an incredible recognition, a remembrance. The experience hit me like a thunder bolt, and it shook me from the depths of my soul. I realized that I know him at personal level, however, I cannot seem to bring any reminiscence back. I stared long and hard at him and tried to remember, but it was no good, I just couldn’t.

Every time I contemplate on his face I break down in tears and I don’t know ‘why’ this is.

Baba’s Advice/Guidance

Four years ago Swami had told me to try hard. “The harder you try”, he said, “the greater the reward”. This advice was given on three separate occasions. I now believe it is Swami’s will that I do not remember, yet! Because as I try harder to break through the maya which hides it all, I am starting to see in my meditation a light in the distance caught behind a substance that looks much like thick fog. The more I meditate and the deeper I go, the closer this ‘inner light’ approaches through the fog. I know this is Swami’s doing, telling me in other words DO NOT GIVE UP, try harder, because if I do, He will give back my memory of a spiritual experience which I had.

The Experience

As I said this experience came about on the 15th July 2020 when in my bedroom sitting before a large picture of Swami (Sathya Sai Baba).

With an anguish cry deep within my heart I called out to my loving Lord; when will you re-appear so to bring this dark world into a New Age, a Golden Age of love and light as you have promised. When will you come back to us, for us, we are all waiting for you.

He did not respond. So again with a much more agonizing cry, a cry of grief and deep pining with uncontrollable tears I called out loud, “SWAMI”. “I am dying, its painful, help me Swami please”. Then all of a sudden with eyes closed I held the most amazing vision of an Indian god, whom I did not know. He was covered from shoulder to shoulder with immaculate golden armour, and it covered his chest and stomach. Under the armour he wore a thin white cloth type shirt with short loose sleeves.

On his head he wore a golden crown, not the type of crown that is worn by the Monarchy of England, but something much like a small helmet, but certainly a crown it was.

On the front of the crown which curled slightly upwards, were many little sparkling diamonds of many different colours. His face was a golden light brown, and he had a large black moustache which half curled at the ends. He looked at me with a calm smile and I could see he was feeling my anguish, what I was going through. I could see this clearly in his compassionate stare and his half smile. At this time I lost all sense of (me), body consciousness was gone.

Who are you I asked; with a bigger smile he said, BRAHMA.

I was struck with a sudden shock, here before me was Lord Brahma Himself come to give his compassion because of my cry, to Swami. But wait, in miniature form sitting in His chair at the high-top right side, was Swami (Sathya Sai Baba) smiling as He looked down at Lord Brahma, and then looking at me.

I said; Swami, I love you, yet why am I given the darshan of Lord Brahma? I am not complaining Swami, but I do not understand. Then I again looked at Lord Brahma and something happened, that’s when recognition hit me suddenly like a lightning bolt.

It seemed as though a hidden memory long, long ago surfaced. My memory started to come back to me. I have known about Lord Brahma since ages, but the rest of the memory could not surface. I was given only enough of a memory because of my sincere asking to know. Swami gave me just a vague recall of my acquaintance with Lord Brahma and if I want to know more, I must work hard for it.

The following day 16th July when I sat in meditation, Lord Brahma appeared again. Recognition of him was a little stronger this time, and once again the tears flowed. I spoke with him for some time. However, I could not remember all what he said once I returned back to lower vibrations on earth plane. Thankfully, a small part of our conversation I did manage to maintain, or should I say, was allowed to maintain in bringing back. I remember asking him:

Why am I given such a grace and what is the meaning of the darshan of you (Lord Brahma)? Lord Brahma Replied: The Universe is going through a change, everything is going along with it. You also are going through a change. Some more so than the others. Those who are not ready, well, he then gave a slight tilt of his head as if to say, well they may regret it. Those who fight against will perish.

Then as I looked above, again I saw Swami sitting in His chair. Swami stood up, stepped down and came and placed His hand on my head in blessing. Tears for the love of Him again ran free. Next day 17th July 2020, Lord Brahma reappeared during my meditation and I meditated deeply on His beautiful form.

Yes, I know Him personally, that is enough in itself to drive me in trying harder to remember. This world of Maya, if only we could slightly part the curtain for a few seconds that hides the truth, for a quick look, just a quick look!!! I remember reading a book some time ago where Swami speaks about Brahma coming into the world. I cannot remember the name of the book though.

We know that the gods and goddesses can appear in individual form, for I have blessed to be able to converse with numerous gods and goddesses in meditation. Among them, those Great ones we know as the Hindu Trinity also take on form for our benefit. Maybe they have this individual form for whenever they want to come down to our level, the outside, or to give darshan on the inside.   

Doesn’t it make you think deeply though, just ‘HOW SPECIAL THIS PLANET EARTH IS’?. How lucky, fortunate, WE ARE, to be here at this time even though it is full of violence and much, much evil, very dark at present.

But do hang on my Sai brothers and sisters, something more is coming, be strong and keep your faith in HIM, it’s not long to go

Source: Received from a Sai-Devotee/friend. Publishing it through “admin” account as per the wish of the writer to stay anonymous.

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