Old Habits Die Hard

There was an old woman who was a seller of oil by profession. In her ninety years of human existence she did nothing except selling oil. When her life was to end, and she was about to die, all her relatives assembled around her.

Looking at them the woman said, “You are all here, I entreat upon you all to look after my oil shop and see that it Is not dosed down. Remember what l say. Do not forget”.

When she was saying all these. she was by degrees losing her consciousness and also power of hearing. Her relatives realizing that the end was very close, urged her, “Grand Ma repeat-‘Krishna’, ‘Krishna’. Repeat ‘Ram, Ram.” By then she became half-conscious and her power of bearing was impaired. So, shouting to her children and grand children she kept on saying. “No, No. Not even a drop of oil shall I give you free. You beggars run away. Run away from here.” With these words she breathed her last.

Anandamayi Ma related this story to illustrate the fact that at the moment of death one has no control over the mind. One is engrossed in thoughts which one treasures throughout the life. Therefore, one must practice to remember the God at the time, when one is young and healthy, so that, at the time of death, God’s name may spontaneously come to the mind.

Ma makes it clear that God’s worship should be practiced all through the days of existence in this world and not left to be done only at the last stage.

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  1. Rono says:

    A wonderful truth it is. Very worthwhile contemplating on this and taking it sooner rather than later as ones lifesaver when realising its value. Because in the end, it will save you. omsairam

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