Whenever you are able to surrender, the teacher will come.

The teacher is there. Teachers have always been in existence. The world has never lacked teachers, it has always lacked disciples. But no teacher can begin anything unless someone surrenders. So whenever you have a moment to surrender, do not lose it. Even if you do not find anyone to whom to surrender, then just surrender to existence. But whenever there is a moment to surrender, do not lose it, because then you are on the borderline where you are in between sleep and waking. Just surrender!

If you can find someone, that is good. If you cannot find anyone, just surrender to the universe. And the teacher will appear, he will come. He rushes whenever there is surrender. You become vacant, you become empty; spiritually, you become empty. Then the spiritual force rushes toward you and fills you. So always remember that whenever you feel like surrendering, do not lose the moment. It may not come again or it may come after centuries and lives have been unnecessarily wasted. Whenever the moment comes, just surrender.

Source: from book “I am that”

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