Satchraritra Ch 1 – Baba keeps Epidemic Away

Salutations — The Story of Grinding Wheat and Its Philosophical Significance. According to the ancient and revered custom, Hemadpant begins the work, Sai Satcharitra, with various salutations.  First, he makes obeisance to the God Ganesha to remove all obstacles and make the work a success and says that Shri Sai is the God Ganesha.  Then, to…

We Are Out Of Oil

SaiRam dear friends, you must have read this story or event from the life of Baba for sure. However, it is always an amazing experience to read again and learn something new. Hope the story provides us with new learning & insights. The Maharaj used to go round and get oil from the grocers, with…

Sai-Saburi Magazine, October 2019

Dear readers, on Sai-Baba day or Guruvar (Thursday), We are happy to bring to you latest edition of Sai-Saburi Magazine. Om Sai Ram. Volume 3 : October 2019 Edition Please click on above link to see the magazine.

Sai Saburi Magazine : Vol 1

You can click on below picture to go to the web-page hosting magazine. The magazine can be read on the web-page or you could download by clicking the download link on the web-page.