The Prodigal Son

Sharing a story with you all dear friends. Hope you like it. Sai Ram.

A story that Jesus told time and again is well worth understanding. A rich man had two sons. One boy turned into a vagabond. When he came of age he demanded his half share, which he took and left for the city, for the village offered no means of spending his money: there were no gambling houses, no taverns, no clubs etc.

He lost every penny he had in these pursuits and become a roadside beggar. The father was keeping track of him. When he heard of his son’s destitution, he was very unhappy. He knew that it was useless to try to bring him back by force, for that might take him farther away. 

He could only wait, hoping that when his son began to see things in their right perspective he would return on his own. The elder son remained at home. He worked hard and had doubled the remaining inheritance. He plowed the fields and tended the vineyards, working from morning to night. Then one day it occurred to the beggar son: ”I shall die this way. I still have a home. My father is alive and I can count on his love. He gave me an opportunity to learn for myself what is right and what is wrong, so I am sure his compassion will not fail me now and he will take me back to his heart. I have full confidence in him.”

One day he sent word to his father that he was coming home. The father arranged a grand reception. He had the best of everything prepared, for his son was coming home. He decorated the whole village with flowers and invited everybody in the village. The elder brother was in the fields. Someone went to him and said, ”It is so injust! You have served your father faithfully your whole life and have doubled and trebled his assets.

You have never gone against his wishes, yet he never arranged such a grand reception in your honor. Now your brother who squandered his inheritance on wine, women and song is returning, and look at what your father is doing for him. It is rank injustice.” The elder brother also felt it was unfair. He returned home saddened and downhearted. When he saw the lamps and the flowers set out in his brother’s honor, he could bear it no longer. He went to his father and said, ”I have served you and obeyed you my whole life, but you have never prepared a
feast in my honor. 

Today this prodigal son of yours returns home and look how much you have done to receive him. I can’t believe my eyes.” The father replied, ”Son, you have always been near me, you never went astray, so there was no need to welcome you. You are so close to my heart, but this boy who went astray, who wandered and ruined himself, and for whom I spent so many anxious, sleepless nights, he is returning and needs to be welcomed. You gave me no cause for worry; instead I have always been happy and pleased with you, so there is no need to express excessive happiness in your case.”

When the prodigal returns a magnificent reception is called for. Jesus would say: Good people, holy men and saints, are like the elder brother; those who have gone stray, sinned, committed crimes, are like the younger brother.

Jesus made this a wonderful beginning for his spiritual teachings and because of this, the Jews turned against him. For the Jews believe that he who sins is punished by God; whereas Jesus has said He will welcome him when he returns for He loves him. He is the Father of all.

We have a very deep connection with existence, and existence feels pleased – so the Hindus have known from time immemorial. That is why it is said that when a person attains buddhahood flowers bloom out of season. Flowers open when Buddha passes by, whatever the season, for existence is filled with bliss at that moment.

Source: “The True Name, Vol 2 ” – Osho

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