Vision of Lord Krishna

I have been pondering on what experience next should I unveil. It is then that suddenly I opened a hard cover writing pad. I had kept in a drawer in my office. I had purchased this in the Prashanti Nilayam ashram shopping center back in June 2010. Had kept it as a diary of the things which I wanted to record. I started reading this it brought back to memory a beautiful vision which I had.

On the 4th of June in building N4 – Room B20, while in meditation, I held the beautiful vision of Lord Krishna. My whole inner-vision was totally taken up with this exquisite vision of beauty. Then my attention was diverted downwards to an object which hung around the neck of Krishna. It was silver and very shiny, a mesh-chain it was. Hanging from this chain was a square object made from the same silver material. It was very beautiful and shiny and truly it gets one’s attention immediately.

Then all at once I got this inner message. “Concentrate”……..on (ME)……..and NOT that which sparkles and glints as the outer world does for that does not last……. but (I) do.

When one’s attention is constantly being drawn towards material objects, one will become lost in maya sooner or later. The world does this to us, we lose the importance of what we should really be doing and that’s fixing our attention on God and NOT being distracted by worldly things. This was Lord Krishna’s message to me.

Sathya Sai Baba often gives this advice in His discourses. Though we do live in the world and at times we do need material things to survive or to fulfill our daily obligations, but let us not lose ourselves with desires that may mislead us and eventually, cause much distress if we don’t get it. This lesson I try hard at all times to be aware of.

I left Australia to travel to India for Swami’s darshan and to meditate on Him constantly day and night. I told this to my brother before we left, but instead…….the outer ashram kept calling me, my attention was repeatedly drawn to the outside, to the shops where all the sparkles and glint was. Did I come all the way from Australia for this…… or did I come for Swami. It was Swami’s Grace that brought my attention (back) to Him when He appeared as Lord Krishna, to warn me not to venture outside too often, but to go outside and do what’s needed and that’s all. 

Yes, this was a good lesson for me, and I thank Swami that He taught this to me before I came back home. Thank You Swamiji. OM SAI RAM

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