We Are Out Of Oil

SaiRam dear friends, you must have read this story or event from the life of Baba for sure. However, it is always an amazing experience to read again and learn something new. Hope the story provides us with new learning & insights.

The Maharaj used to go round and get oil from the grocers, with which he lighted every evening several oil lamps in the mosque and in the temples -his daily ‘Deepotsava‘. One day, the grocers, tired of giving oil gratis, decided to refuse as a body. They lied to him saying they had no oil. It surprised baba that the grocers found it so easy to tell him a lie.

People tell lies, degrade themselves and move away from the Lord, falling eventually under the weight of their own karma. A liar is among the worst of sinners. One who always tells the truth attains the Lord. Truth is the path to salvation. Even penance and Japa cannot match it. Truth is the river of bliss. One should stick to the truth.

The Maharaj said nothing to the grocers. He went back to the mosque and performed a miracle. He set the earthen lamps all round the mosque and put wicks in them. The grocers, who had followed him, stood watching. “How can the lamps burn without oil?” they said to one another. “The man must be down-right mad; he is thinking of lighting the lamps without oil. Can any sane man think of maternity for a sterile woman? Sure he is a madman, a leader of the ignorant.”

Nanasaheb Dengale, a Sai devotee, did not agree with them. He said to them, “You are all blind. Do not despise him like that. Shri Hari knows what powers this man has. If a diamond lies in a heap of stones, would you call it a stone? Keep quiet for a while and see what the Fakir does now. Don’t make hasty statements.” There was a little oil in Baba’s tin can just enough to light one small lamp. Baba put some water in it and drank the mixture.

He then filled the oil lamps with water and lighted them and lo-and-behold, the lamps burned, as with oil. Awed, Dengale fell at Baba’s feet. The people of Shirdi seeing this miracle, wondered about Baba’s powers. They said that God himself had incarnated in Shirdi. They came all together, fell at Baba’s feet and said: We have sinned against you. Forgive us of our sins. You are our dear mother, and we are your children. Oh merciful one, please do not be angry with us. You are Mercy, Knowledge, Virtue and Peace embodied in human form”.

Baba then said to them, “Listen to me carefully. Act in such a way that the Lord will be pleased with you. Never tell lies. Be truthful always. Never deceive anybody. Spend your wealth on good causes according to your capacity. You will be benefited and meet Narayan in the end. Remember my words and act accordingly.”

Chastened, the people of Shirdi bowed down to Baba and went back happily to their homes. Sai Maharaj was a great yogi. One cannot narrate all his leelas, which are beyond human comprehension.

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