Sai Saburi Magazine Volume 6 : January 2020 Edition

Sai Ram dear friends, you may find below the latest edition of the spiritual magazine – Sai Saburi for the month of January 2020. Dedicated to spirituality and all the Gurus of the world, this volume will provide food for the seeking souls. May you all be happier, prosperous & peaceful in the times ahead….

Sai-Saburi Magazine, October 2019

Dear readers, on Sai-Baba day or Guruvar (Thursday), We are happy to bring to you latest edition of Sai-Saburi Magazine. Om Sai Ram. Volume 3 : October 2019 Edition Please click on above link to see the magazine.

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Mount Meru

It is snowing outside, temperatures are well below zero; one cannot imagine venturing out for a long period of time in outside weather. It is almost a week without snowfall & it has started to fall again, for some reason this snow fall looks nicer. The crimson-yellow tinged light of street lamps provides a soothing…