Baba, You must come to my Marriage

Sai Devotees, Please read this mail with full love and devotion.

I would like to share with you all an incident of Shirdi Baba’s appearance during a wedding. The incident of Baba’s appearance, the version of which I have heard, is as follows.

The bride who is a devotee of Sai-Baba went along with her parents to Shirdi a few days before her marriage. She grew very emotional there out of devotion and she shed copious amounts of tears of devotion before the Samadhi of Baba with an invitation to attend her marriage.

Later the marriage was performed as planned. After the marriage and once all the celebrations were over the bride remembered her prayer to Baba at Shirdi and then cried in the night just before going to bed that she never experienced Baba’s presence during the marriage.

That night Sai-Baba appeared in her dream and said: “Do not feel sad. I was there during your marriage. Open the album of photographs of your marriage and see the photo where you are all going in the procession. You can see me in that photo.”

The same photo is attached. Jai Sai Ram.


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