Churn of the Ocean

In Hindu Mythology there is a story in which Gods and Demons work together. to churn the Ocean in hope of getting precious Treasures. During Churning of oceans first Poison came out which threaten to contaminate every thing. Then Lord Shiva Drank that poison and saved them from the disaster.

After the poison, Lakshmi (Goddess of prosperity and beauty), Goddess of wine, Moon, Rambha the nymph , White Horse, Kaustubha a jewel, Parijata the Celestial tree, Surabhi the cow of Plenty, Airavata a white elephant, Dhanus a mighty bow, Sankha a conch shell came.

All these things demons and Gods distributed among themselves. But they didn’t stop here to enjoy all these treasures. They went on and on to churn the ocean till divine nectar (Amrit ) appear. Who ever drank divine nectar became immortal. Through this symbolic story sages are teaching path to enlightenment.

When we start doing meditation then lots of thoughts come and these thoughts trouble us more. As we go more deep in meditation then all hurtful feelings, anger, hate, jealousy resurface in our mind. This is the Poison which came during the churning of the Ocean.

After we have accepted all these Hurtful Feelings and we are calmly progressing in meditation. Then Powers arises in a Meditator. But a Meditator need not get stuck at powers and should not use them. Slowly the energy which has manifested in form of Powers will also be used in taking us towards our true nature.

The Meditator need to go deeper and deeper in to its own being and at Last the nectar comes that is Enlightenment. The symbol Churning of ocean is very meaningful because our unconscious is very deep.From so many lives we are asleep and so many desires we are carrying in it.

Our Mind is a vast reservoir of memories and desires. So in Meditation we churn our Mind to drink divine the nectar of immortality.

source: talks by Osho

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