Ma Speaks

While in high school; I got a chance to read the famous book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. One of the chapters is about Yogananda meeting Anandamayi Ma. Since then I had several occasions where I read more about Ma, read books which contained her discourses and the simplicity and profoundness of what Ma had always helped me see through everyday life’s problems and situations.So, here are some of Ma’s sayings. Jai Ma.

Who are the truly wealthy? Those who are possessed of the Supreme Treasure —they alone are really rich and live in abundance. Poor and destitute must be called the man in whose heart the remembrance of God abides not. To depend solely on Him is man‘s one and only duty.

Verily, abounding sorrow is the essential characteristic of life in this world. Fix your mind on God.

Losing hope is losing all indeed. But has this loss of everything occurred? Is not the heart still bubbling over with desires and hopes? This is only natural — it is the innate tendency of the individual Perfect resignation gives the deepest joy of all. Accept it as your sole resource. Whatever God does at any time is wholly benign. If you can bear this in mind you will be at peace.

Man may find himself in all kinds of surroundings, yet he must not allow himself to be driven hither and thither helplessly under their influence. It is his duty under all circumstances to preserve his individuality and strength of character intact. To drift with the current is easy enough, but to stand firm as a rock is difficult. He who is able to do this will keep his head without wavering even among a dozen people of different points of view and lines of approach. This surely is the attitude that befits a human being.

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