Meher Baba Quotes

  1. What happened yesterday? Nothing. What will happen tomorrow? Nothing. All happens now . . . the eternal NOW from the beginningless beginning to the endless end.
  2. Divine desperateness is the beginning of spiritual awakening because it gives rise to the aspiration for God-realisation.
  3. True love is no game of the faint-hearted and the weak; it is born of strength and understanding.
  4. The way to remain free from karma is to remain completely detached in service.
  5. The Master helps the seeker in his own invincible ways, which have no parallel in the ways of the world. But if the aspirant is to be the recipient of this help, he must make a real effort to surrender himself to the Divine Will of the Master.
  6. Before Karma is created, the individual has a sort of freedom to choose what it shall be; but after it has been accomplished, it becomes a factor which cannot be ignored and which has either to be expended through the results, which it invites, or counter-acted by fresh and appropriate Karma.
  7. The intellect of most persons is harnessed by innumerable wants. Such a life is, from the spiritual point of view the lowest type of human existence. The highest type of human existence is free from all wants, and it is characterized by sufficiency or contentment.
  8. Spiritual freedom is won by one’s self for one’s self, through watchful and unfailing war against the false self. Those who would be soldiers in the cause of truth have to help others not only in launching upon the thrilling enterprise of attaining victory over oneself but also in every step they take towards attainment; there is no other way of sharing their burden.
  9. The only Real Renunciation is that which abandons, in the midst of worldly duties, all sefish thoughts and desires.
  10. Only in the human form is it possible for life to attain its final goal, which is to realize the all-pervading and infinite Divinity. Only in the human body can one attain realization and fulfill the purpose of creation. Hence the supreme importance of attaining the human body.
  11. The satisfaction derived from the fleeting things of life is not lasting; and the wants of man remain unfulfilled. There is thus a general sense of dissatisfaction accompanied by all kinds of worries.
  12. All over the world, man buries himself in egoism and multicolored attachments to the false, depriving himself of the intrinsic and self-sustained happiness that does not wane. He seeks happiness through the perishing and transitional, and invites upon himself the sufferings of closed consciousness. One must contact the ocean of unfading bliss within, and be free of the limiting duality of “I” and “you,” to unveil the perennial spring of imperishable sweetness which is within each and all.

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