Mr Clerk

Mr.Clerk was a Parsi gentleman who lived in Mumbai with his extended family. He first visited Shirdi in 1913. His elder brother was diagnosed with “lunacy” and was getting bouts of violent attacks. During these attacks, he was a threat to his aged mother, as he could not be restrained. Clerk though not affluent had gotten his brother treated by various doctors and specialists. All sorts of remedies were tried but of no avail. The violent attacks continued with a greater frequency.

One day a colleague at work advised him to seek refuge at Baba’s feet. He liked the suggestion and brought his brother to Shirdi. While at Shirdi there was some improvement, and Baba asked them to return home. However, his trouble returned with vigor, so he wrote to Baba. Baba asked him to come to Shirdi again with his brother. Clerk then brought his brother to Shirdi and left him there. Amidas Mehta willingly kept him in his home and looked after him. Mr.Clerk sent 30 rupees a month for his upkeep.

After a few months, his brother improved a great deal. The incredulous recovery of his brother occurred by attending Baba’s Aarti’s daily and drinking his Teerth mixed with Udi. Thus with Baba’s grace, his brother was cured. This was remarkable as all sorts of remedies and medicines had no effect on the malady.

Mr.Clerk states “I used to dream of Baba often when I was 12 years old. I always looked at Baba’s photograph and bowed to him. Whenever I had a dream of Baba it was an indication that I was in trouble, and some misfortune was eminent. He was kind enough to warn me, and to avert and remove it. My experience with Baba was very pleasant. Whenever I was in his presence, I forgot all my worries. I was free of all cares and anxieties. In fact, I was fearless, and confident that I will overcome all my problems. Everything was blotted out and I passed my time in bliss in his company. Baba was kind and considerate towards me. When I went to Shirdi for the first time, I was very poor and earned only 60 rupees a month. He did not ask for exorbitant amounts of dakshina from me. Only once did he take all the money that I had brought with me. But he also took care of all my needs and expenses during my journey home. I never came to harm by giving away what I had. He blesses us by what he gives and even by what he takes. My faith in Baba did not clash with my religion. We pray to Fire and Baba had a Dhuni Mai burning eternally. Standing before it was to me like I standing in an ‘agarie’. An ‘agarie’ is a temple where Parsi or Zoroastrians pray. The temple houses the sacred fire that has been burning eternally and continuously”.

(Source: Life of Sai Baba, Volume 3 by Sri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)

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