Simple Advice, Difficult to Follow

On certain occasion, Baba gave Nana a lesson.

Baba: “Nana, if anyone comes and begs for anything, give as much as you can or care to give. If that person be not satisfied and ask for more, refuse it courteously. Do not flare into a passion or parade ail your official authority”

Nana promised to follow the advice as it seemed very easy.

Some six months after this advice was given, Nana Saheb was at his own house at Kalyan, upstairs. A beggar woman came to that house and was pestering Mrs. Nana Saheb with repeated requests for more and more of Bhajani (fried mixture of grains) Mrs. Nana had given half her stock and the beggar wanted the whole stock and refused to budge an inch, unless and until her demand was complied with.

Mrs. Nana lost all patience, sent for her husband and told him the facts.

Nana Saheb grew angry and calling out for a peon, told the beggar “If you do not quickly receive what is gives and go away, the peon will neck you out of the house”.


When next Nana visited Baba, the latter would not talk to him. Nana wondered what the matter was and finally asked Baba the reason for the chill reception.

Baba “How can I talk to one who does not care for the advice I have given?”

Nana: “Baba, what lesson have I forgotten?”

Baba : “That day when the beggar was importuning you for Bhajani, why did you
call your peon to expel her and why did you show all your official hauteur? What
did it matter if she stayed some time longer with her prayers for more? If you
gently refused, she would have ultimately left quietly. Why call for a peon to expel
her bodily?”

Nana recalled the event and recognized how the previous advice exactly applied to that event. He repented and resolved to amend.

Source: The Wondrous Saint Sri Sai Baba – Narasimha Swamiji

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