Sri Sai the Superman

Long before this, Baba had run unto the rescue of one of his devotees three steamers during the Russo-Japanese War. The devotee Shree Jehangirji Framji Daruwala served as a captain. When he found that his steamers except three were all sunk by the enemy and that the rest of the steamers including his own would soon meet the same fate, he took out Baba’s photo from his pocket and with tears in his eyes prayed to Baba to save him and his three steamers. Baba at once appeared on the scene and towed all the sinking steamers to the bank.

Just at the time Daruwala offered up his prayers, Baba bawled out “Ha”, and then seated as he was in his usual place in the Dwarkamai, he had his Kafni and head cloth completely drenched, dripping with water for more than half an hour with the result that the Dwarkamai was transformed into a pool of water.

The devotees could not understand what all that was; they simply removed water from the Dwarkamai and dried Baba’s clothes. On the third day after this, Baba received a telegram from Jehangirji narrating how Baba had saved him and offering him a thousand thanks for his marvellous rescue of himself and the three steamers with passengers. Immediately on his return to India, he came and paid his respects to Baba.

He has retired now from his service; but in appreciation of his services, the government has provided him with some Job. He is taking a keen interest in Baba’s affairs even today. Lately he donated about two thousand two hundred rupees in two installments and got the ‘Mandap’of Dwarkamai repaired to his satisfaction.

From the book: Sri Sai – the Superman

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