There it is, that orange speck, In the distance, stretch your neck.

Oh the people, so many, so vast, But yes, we are here at last.

Oh I pray, will we ever meet? If only I can touch His Golden Feet.

Swami, He knows everyone of us, No matter where we are, Whether we travel by bus, plane or motor car.

Swami, I love You, I’ve been good and done my best, Served the people, is it all a test?

I’ve never experienced love like this before, Until you drew me to You, As though You were knocking at my door.

Oh Swami, I go to sleep at night, Yearning deeply for You, with all my might,

Then wake up in the morning, face full of smiles and gleaming, Cause I know You came to me, while I was dreaming.

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