The greater the trial, the greater the reward

The darkest cloud has a silvery lining. The pall of night is lifted when the sun shines; in all its brightness and glory. Even if the struggle be hard, why be sad and gloomy? For, is not God, your Father, near you, to befriend you?

Keep your mind still like waters of the deep lake. Stand firm like a rock, shrink not if calamities pour on you, like a hurricane. Greater the trial, the greater the reward. Greater the misery, greater the happiness. There must follow the sunny day when the night is over.

Stain not your mind or body with impurity. Walk the path of rectitude, with love for all—a smile for a sick and forgiveness to all. Make that the ideal of your life, if you wish to win the race and come out triumphant from the struggle of life. Hatred, malice, revenge, jealousy, bigotness, pride, greed, lust & sloth: these are the companions of Satan.

Love, purity, righteousness, gentility, humility, tolerance, forbearance, broad-mindedness, contentedness, culture, labour, sincerity, loyalty, one-mindedness—these are the fragrant flowers, that grow in the Garden of God. Make a bouquet of them and carry it with you, for each flower is reminiscent of God’s glory and a reminder of His Kingdom. Make virtue your crown and vice a footstool, to trample it under your feet.

Be a master, not a slave of your mind, body, and the senses.

Source: Sai Baba’s Messages to Yogi, M K Spencer

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