True Teacher

Once there was a learned monk who was a scholar and a good Orator. He was sitting on a special monk’s platform one day, delivering his sermon. Above him there was a beautifully embroidered silk chandarva.

The monk was explaining the importance of non-acquisition. In the audience there was a man called Rupo. The monk asked the listeners after his speech, “Did you follow what I meant ?” Everyone else said they understood what was explained to them, but Rupo said, “I did not follow sir.”

On the second day, the monk explained the same principle of non-acquisition with stories and then asked the question, “Do you now understand ?” But Rupo replied, “No, sir.” Three days passed, every day Rupo gave the same reply, “No sir, I do not understand.” The monk began to wonder why Rupo could not understand this simple principle. Then, whilst meditating, he realised what was wrong with Rupo or rather what was wrong with himself. The next morning he came down from the platform and gave his speech without the overhead silky cover, and after his speech the monk asked the same question once more. “Did you understand Rupo ?” “Yew sir, now I understand,” replied Rupo.

Source: Jainism Stories

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