Alongwith Sai

I want to share my experience to show that God is always with us to support and show us the way. Be patient and have faith in God, everything will be good over time.

When we came to Canada , it was peak recession time. Almost everyone around was losing the jobs they had. And as new immigrants, we were very worried while searching for jobs. We were unsure about the job prospects in the prevailing market conditions. We kept our faith in God and kept trudging ahead.

With God’s Grace, my husband got a break in a good company after about three months of landing in Canada. That was the first and only call my husband ever got for a job. Even though he posted his resume to many companies and placement agencies.

The assurance that at least one of us had the job helped us start our lives in a new country. After few months, I also got a good break and things started settling down slowly. As new immigrants to Canada, we had to start our life from scratch here starting from setting up house itself.

While we were setting our house, we were able to get stuff at discounted prices and we could not believe our luck at most places where we shopped. We felt that someone was supporting us at every stage of our life. Eventually we got settled down in our lives and we started planning for our baby.

As luck would be, there was a delay to test our faith and we underwent lots of stress and concerns while planning for our first child. Overtime, I was blessed with a baby boy and by God’s grace we could also manage to buy our first home in time. We are well settled in our lives only by Baba’s grace. Dear Sai Baba, please keep showering your blessings on our family and in fact everyone in this world.

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