Baba Instructed Me

Dear readers, wanted to share an experience of Baba’s blessing to me.

This experience happened about 10 years ago when I was studying Engineering in Bangalore. As soon as my final year of the degree started, I started worrying about the final-year project & job placement. I deeply wished to get an opportunity to complete my project work by doing internship in any reputed corporate/organization. In order to help me stay focused on my tasks involved, I started praying to Sai-Baba.

By the way, during those times, I had little idea about Sai-Vrat which is performed over nine Thursdays with devotion and following all the instructions. I used to stay in a PG house and there was a temple nearby. I used to often visit that and pray to Baba.

One night Baba appeared into my dreams and said, “Do Sai Vrat”. The next morning I remembered the dream vividly; however, I chose to ignore it thinking the dream to be a figment of my imagination. However, to my surprise Baba appeared in my dreams 2 weeks later and ordained the same. Due to some reasons, I ignored that again. A few days later, Baba appeared third time in my dreams and said the same thing to me.

I got really confused by this time. I was also scared since I did not know what He meant by Sai-Vrat. I prayed to Him and asked Him to guide me. Very soon, during my visit to Sai Baba Temple on a Thursday, I met a lady who was distributing books to the devotees. I also received one. When I saw it later at home, I realized that it was the Sai-Vrat book which I wanted so desperately.

After coming home, I read the book and followed all the instructions and did the Sai-Vrat for nine Thursdays. In the end I got my desire fulfilled and I got the opportunity to do project work in a renowned company and I could not stop expressing my deepest gratitude to Sai-Baba. It is almost ten years since then, but I can never forget that experience.

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