The Prankster

As always, I document my experiences as soon as possible so as to not forget anything. This experience, or should I say “Leela”, occurred on Tuesday the 22nd of May 2018 at 5:40 pm.

I went to my bedroom and closed the door so I could lay on my bed and talk to a friend over the phone in quietness, as my daughter and grandson were visiting and noise was a slight problem. While there for roughly 5 minutes, I put one leg off the bed to place my foot on the floor. As soon as my foot hit the floor a hand grabbed my ankle firmly and would not let go no matter how hard I tried pulling it away. Thinking it was my 5-year-old grandson hiding under the bed, I asked my friend on the phone to please hold for a moment.

As I sat up, the hand released my ankle and I called out my grandson’s name saying, “Bodhi, please come out from under there!” I leaned over and looked under the bed for him, but to my surprise found nothing, no one was there only empty space.

Who or what could this have been I thought? My mind was racing at this moment. Many a strange thing has happened to me over the years but nothing like this, this was unique!

After quickly saying my goodbyes to the friend on the phone I then sat up to meditate on this enigma. Instantly, as if I was kept waiting long enough, the culprit, or I should say, the “prankster” showed Himself. First, my inner vision opened very clearly in seeing a beautiful gold statue of Lord Krishna playing His flute. Around the statue was a most incredibly beautiful colour of luminous gold band circling Krishna, and on the outer side of this gold band of light was a highly white light. A beautiful vision indeed! After seeing this for a few seconds it disappeared and in its place was Swami (Sathya Sai Baba) with head tilted back laughing uncontrollably.

I received Swami’s message saying; don’t let things get you down. When problems assail you, call ME, and leave it to ME. (I was having some problems at the time). It seems Lord Krishna was a very good prankster as a child, Swami was letting me know this in what He did, He acted as Lord Krishna when He grabbed hold of my ankle.

Our Divine Lord, what would we do without HIM. Thank you Bhagwan – I love you.


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