Baba Lives Everywhere

Baba had become one with every being in the world. Hence the service of any creature ultimately reached Baba.


A lady living at Shirdi would daily bake two breads – one for Baba and another for herself. One day she was taking the bread for Baba when a dog approached her, licking its lips in hunger. Instantly, by some inner urge, she offered the bread to the dog. She went back and started again to take the other bread for Baba. Now a pig approached her and she offered him that bread too. Then realising that she had nothing to give to Baba, she felt intensely sorry and mentally asked Baba’s pardon. Later, she went to Baba and sat with folded hands. immediately Baba said, “Ma, today you offered me bread twice, so that I was doubly satisfied.” The lady thought Baba was taunting her for not giving him anything. Remorsefully she cried, .”Baba, today I had nothing left with me. So what could I bring for you ?” Baba-replied, “Ma, you offered one bread to the dog and another to the pig. They both reached me, because I am one with them.”


Once a lizard, perched on a wall in the Dwarkamai began chirping vigourously. This is considered to be an ill-omen. So a devotee asked Baba what evil it portended. Baba said, “There is no evil portend in this. The lizard’s sister will presently come here from Aurangabad to meet her. So she is singing in joy.”

Everyone there thought Baba was joking. But very soon a bhakta arrived from Aurangabad for Baba’s darshan (to meet and seek blessings). And as he opened his sack, a lizard jumped out. Straightaway she scaled the wall and embraced her ‘sister’. Their gestures definitely showed that they were overjoyed to meet each other. How could Baba know all this before hand? All were convinced that the two lizards were sisters. My young friends, if you were there to, see the meeting, would you not feel the same ?


Serpents and scorpions too were in Baba’s command. Once a cobra bit Shama’s foot and its poison began to go up. Shama was brought to Dwarkamai. Sensing the danger to Shama’s life, Baba said sternly, stop going up. Come down.” This was a command to the Serpent’s poison and it obeyed the same immediately.


A darvesh had tamed a tiger who used to do certain tricks and thus maintain himself and his master. As the tiger grew old, he could no longer play his tricks. Naturally, he and his master both had to face starvation. Ultimately, the tiger became mad and uncontrollable. As he was approaching his end, the darvesh brought him to Baba for a last grace. Baba asked the darvesh to release the animal who at once became quiet. Approaching Baba he prostrated himself at Baba’s feet and as Baba was stroking his back, the tiger opened his jaw and breathed his last. Baba said, “This was a great bhakta of Lord Shiva. He has gone to Kailash (Lord Shiva’s abode). Now bury his mortal remains in front of Shiva”. Today his tomb can be seen in Shirdi.

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