Baba’s miracle – my son!

By: Nidhi Mehra

I am living this life just because of my Sai Baba. I had always only heard about Bba’s miracles, but today I can happily say that I have also seen Sai’s miracle and got HIS blessings – as my Son! ?

I got married in Nov 2004, was living happily like all new couples. My joy got manifold when in 2005 I become pregnant. I felt like I was the luckiest person on earth.

But this happiness shortly came to an end when I had a miscarriage and I lost my baby due to unknown reasons. I was in big trauma and it took me almost a year to get out of it and try to live again.

Days, months & years passed by, but we were still waiting for our baby. We went to many doctors to tried to get a solution to our problem, but nothing happened. It seemed that God had forgotten us.

Then again in 2009, after 5 years, history repeated itself, when I again became pregnant & faced the same fate of losing my baby.

This time I was totally shattered – it was like the end of my world. However, one support which I always had with me, was my family, which always supported me and never increased my pain in any way. But I myself was feeling defeated and incomplete. Slowly, I started going into depression.

I left my job in 2010, as at that time my sole motive to live was just to have a baby. Nothing else mattered to me. Although my husband supported me and told me that it was not the end of the world without a baby and that here were lots of couples in the world sailing in the same boat as us. But nothing gave me peace.

I started my IVF treatment in 2011. It was a very painful journey, but I just went on as I badly desired to have my baby. Treatment failed!  I felt totally heartbroken as IVF was the last hope which I had. Feeling completely shattered, I didn’t want to live further because at that time I was in acute depression and having a baby was the sole motive of my life.

I went to every temple, dargah and did everything, what people used to tell me to do. But all in vain!

I was exhausted and slowly lost my faith in God also.

Then one day one of my Sister-in-law came from Australia, who always visited Shirdi during her India visit. She gave me “Shri Sai Sat Charitra” and told me about “Saptah” – that if I made a wish and read the book within a week’s time, my wish will be fulfilled by Baba. She was confident that Sai Baba always blesses HIS true devotees. At the same time one of childhood friend told me to start “Chaliya” of Sai Mandir – go to Sai Temple for 40 days continuously. It was as if Baba HIMSELF was reaching out to me! ?

Although at that point of time, I had lost faith in God, but I followed both Saptah and Chaliya with full faith. Before that I was not aware about Sai, but while reading the Sai Sat Charitra, I started feeling amazing things – like as if I was not just reading those stories of Baba, but also living them! While reading I used to get goose bumps on my skin, I used to start crying. Although I didn’t know what was going on in my life, but I felt very calm and relaxed.

The strange obsession and eagerness to become pregnant was cooling down and instead now I wanted to go to Shirdi and have Baba’s darshan. Baba soon fulfilled my wish and we went to Shirdi in Dec 2011. Someone told me that there will be huge queues and Samadhi Mandir was always overcrowded and that it might take 3-4 hrs just to reach the main compound. But surprisingly for me, what I felt, was that Baba was also waiting for me. ?

When I, along with my husband, entered the temple, there was no queue, no crowd and we found ourselves directly in front of Baba in hardly any time! I was unable to hold my tears as I still didn’t believe that I was standing in front of Baba. I went through so many emotions at that time.

Next day we planned to go to Nasik – Triyambakeshwar Temple along with other temples in Nasik.

But I resisted and insisted to my husband to go to Samadhi Mandir first without eating anything. But on that day it took us 3-4 hrs to reach the main compound. I felt that Baba was teaching me what is said in the Sat Charitra that one shouldn’t try to search God empty stomach. I tried to do that and also made my husband do it – so Baba taught me lesson. As Baba always said that HIS sayings should be followed, and not just read and forgotten…

After Baba’s darshan, I was filled with positive vibes and then, the miracle happened – in June 2012, we got the news that I was pregnant – without IVF or any treatment! I had stopped all treatments after IVF failure so this was like a real miracle!

By the grace of Sai Baba , we got blessed with our Son on 6th April 2013.

Baba gave me what I wanted and blessed our world with happiness. My Journey to become a mom was not destinated for 9 months by God, it was for approx. 9 years.

As per Sai’s words, 9 is a very auspicious number, as it denotes Navvidhya.

Now I truly believe in the saying that “Bhagwan ke ghar der hai, andher nahi” and Bhagwan ne sab ke liye sab soach ke rakha hai, so we need not to worry. We should only be worried about our Karma as for the rest – Sai is always with us.


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