Baba’s Udi Blesses a Boy

I was working as an Engineer in Bangalore. I used to visit my parents in our native home almost every month or once in two months. Once during my visit, I got to know that nearby our home there was a sick boy and he was suffering due to certain illness & no one was helping his family.

They lived near our home & we knew them. Even though we did not interact much with them, we knew them as our neighbors. When were young, my father never allowed us to mix with other people much. Most of my movements were restricted between home and school.

One day his Mother was passing by the street when she saw me & came to our house. She told me, “My Son’s condition is very bad. We are not able to provide him with the right treatment. The doctors in the village are not able to treat him and we do not have enough money to take him to an advanced hospital.”

I felt sad listening to her words. She lacked the necessary literacy and I was wondering how do I explain to her on a possible solution to the problem she was facing. After some consolation, she left and I started thinking on ways and means to help her.

My father is a doctor & operates a his own clinic. I asked my mother why did she seek help from me when she hardly knew me. My mother told that it was my father who advised them to visit a better hospital in a nearby city. I was angry with my father and with other doctors in the village. My father who helps a lot of poor people in general, why did he choose to not help this boy. I checked with my father and he told me that he had tried to help them and all the symptoms indicate stomach cancer for which there is no treatment in the village. He did not want to put the family under stress and hence did not tell the truth about the cancer to boy’s family and referred them to see another doctor in a city hospital.

The next day I went to their home by taking Shirdi Sai’s small photo with me and called his Mother outside. I told her, “Because you can’t read I can’t give any of Saibaba’s book to you, but still you can chant daily early morning and evening Saibaba’s name with faith – “Sai Ram” or “Om Sainathaya namah” or simply “Sai Sai” which ever you feel easy.

I gave her two vibhuti packets which I always used to keep with me. I asked her to do puja of the photo and offer food to Baba before serving to her son. Also advised her to apply vibhuti on her son’s forehead every day. She was quite happy.

Everyone told me all this is vain. I prayed to Baba to help her. After two months when I visited my native home again. The mother of the boy told me this – “That day you gave Vibhuti and I started doing puja of Sai Baba, after that within a week his stomach ache was reduced and he was able to have food. Few good people from village donated money & helped cover the expense related to travel and visiting the doctor in city hospital. We took our son in a good hospital in the city of Miraj in Maharashtra. My son is taking the necessary treatment.” She expressed her gratitude to me. I told her although I gave her Vibhuti, it was Sai Baba who helped her son. I was just an instrument.

The boy was cured miraculously in six months & he returned home. Doctors who said that he will not survive beyond two months were all surprised. Baba’s grace and Vibhuti’s blessings are tremendous. Faith opens all the doors. Baba first reduced the suffering and pain of the boy early on to establish faith and meanwhile Baba inspired the village folks to come out and help the family. The village folks who were sitting on fence about helping the family changed their mind. Baba also ensured the treatment given to the boy was effective and that the boy cured eventually. Every time later I visited my native place, I gave vibhuti packets to the mother of the boy.  

Sainath’s Udi is a great medicine in this world and when applied with unshakeable faith it does wonders. Jai Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Anonymous: From a reader of the website . The name withheld based on the request.

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