Can Tea without sugar take you to Shirdi?

Dasganu was once performing his Kirtan and singing the glory of Sai Baba, in the Koupineshwar temple in Thana.

One Mr. Cholkar, a poor man serving as a candidate in the Civil Courts in Thana, was amongst the audience. He heard Dasganu’s Kirtan most attentively and was much moved. He there and then mentally bowed and vowed to Baba saying – “Baba, I am a poor man, unable to support my family. If by your grace, I pass the departmental examination, and get a permanent post, I shall go to Shirdi, fall at Your Feet and distribute sugar-candy in Your name.”

By Baba’s grace & with good fortune Mr.Cholkar passed the examination and did get the permanent post. And now it remained for him to fulfill his vow, the sooner the better. Mr. Cholkar was a poor man with a large family to support; and he could not afford to pay for the expenses of a Shirdi trip.

As Mr. Cholkar was anxious to fulfill his vow as early as possible, he resolved to economize, cut down his expenses, and save money. He determined not to use sugar in his diet; and began to take his tea without it.

After he was able to save some money in this way, he came to Shirdi. He took Baba’s darshan, fell at His Feet. Thereafter, he offered a coconut with lots of devotion, distributed sugar-candy as per his vow. He told Baba that he was much pleased with His darshan and that his desires were fulfilled that day.

Bapusaheb Jog was hosting Mr Cholkar. Baba spoke to Jog as follows:- “Give him (your guest) cups of tea, fully saturated with Sugar.”

Hearing these significant words, Mr. Cholkar was much moved, he was wonderstruck, his eyes were filled with tears, and he fell at Baba’s Feet again.

Mr. Jog was also curious about this direction, regarding the tea-cups to be given to his guest. Baba wanted by His words to create faith and devotion in Cholkar’s mind. He hinted as it were, that He got the sugar-candy as per his vow and that He knew full well his secret determination not to use sugar in his diet.

Baba meant to say:

“If you spread your palms with devotion before Me, I am immediately with you, day and night.

Though, I am here bodily, still I know what you do; beyond the seven seas.

Go wherever you will, over the wide world. I am with you.

My abode is in your heart and I am within you.

Always worship Me, Who is seated in your heart, as well as, in the hearts of all beings.”

Source: Sai-Satcharitra

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