Compassionate Old Sage

This is an amazing experience received from “Rosemarie Mettel” on our facebook page. I had sent him/her a friend request so that he/she could create a user account on our website and post it himself/herself. However, after several months, I did not get response from the author and I finally decided to post it here. The original message was in German & I took the liberty of translating it using online tools into English. Om Sai Ram.

I have been friends with a hypnotist for several years. He had commercial interests in mind. He would often hypnotize me. He believed that I was a good medium and wanted to train me to make public appearances with me. But he told me this only after our contacts ended after few years.

Early on I would allow myself be persuaded to be hypnotized out of curiosity and fun. The process of hypnotizing was always same. He would start by counting some numbers. I would start relaxing.

But it is now that the session used to take a miraculous turn for me. I would start seeing an old sage with very loving and compassionate appearance on my mental plane. He would hold my hand lovingly and would say this – “I am going to take you to a wonderful golden temple”. And so it happened. I would be in front of an immensely beautiful & incredibly wonderful temple. The temple was above ground and my heart filled up with unbounded happiness and joy.

The hypnotist would bring me back to normal state and would be frustrated by what I would describe him. I would return back to my earthly body bubbling with enthusiasm. However, the hypnotist never liked my enthusiasm. The hypnotist always sort of put a tab or leash on my spiritual journey during the sessions, however, the sage would always show up. Even though I had no idea about the sage, I enjoyed being with him and felt really happy.

Eventually, the hypnotist gave up on me. He broke friendship with me since He could not get out of me what he was hoping for.

Several years later, I came to know about Sathya Sai Baba & in a meditation He asked me to come to Puttaparthi. And it is there in Puttaparthi that the mystery about the old sage was solved finally. There stood the statue of “SHIRDI SAI BABA”, the old saint who would take me to beautiful temple and whose company I enjoyed all the times without knowing anything about him.

Spiritual world works in ways unknown to us. There is guidance and protection to all the seekers. How benevolent is SHIRDI SAI BABA that He took care of me and helped me. Om Sai Ram.

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