Here’s a short story readers may enjoy. At the same time be ‘amazed’ at how those in higher levels do work together for the betterment of us here on earth.

Back in 2012 while sitting in meditation I was given a most incredibly beautiful vision. My inner-eye immediately opened with great clarity in seeing empty black space. A vastness of emptiness as though I was standing in a glass room looking out into outer-space. Then suddenly before me but at a little distance appeared two hands held together in prayer. They were giving off a most beautiful glow of white and gold light of incredible high quality. Between the hands was a ball of soft sky-blue energy slowly rotating as if it were a nucleus.

Then instantly another two hands appeared as if in prayer; then another and it kept repeating itself until finally there were so many hands it was impossible to count. They were spread out in all directions throughout this vast empty space, this inner dimension of some sort. Every now and then I would open my physical eyes to explain to my brother what I was being shown. Then when I again resumed my meditative state, instantly I was back among the hands in prayer as if I had never left.

When I returned home later that night a name kept echoing through my mind. The name was Edgar Cayce. It was not until next morning while sitting at my computer that again the name came to my mind, this followed by a very quick flash of a face. Though I would have seen this face for a split second only I knew every detail of it. I have seen Edgar Cayce’s photo numerous times as the older man, but never as young as the face I was given this day. He would have been maybe 16 years old if that.

So again I was prompted to google Edgar Cayce’s ARE website. When it came up I scrolled down on the left side until I saw  “Spiritual Guidance”. Then I clicked onto Angels. Among various advertised books I saw the exact same picture which I had seen in my meditation. What looked like hands in prayer were actually Angels.

It’s incredible when you think about it, as soon as we start putting effort into spiritual practices (sadhana) … and turning inwards, it’s not long before we soon attract the attention of not only angels but also great souls who once themselves when on earth struggled as we are doing. Out of their love and compassion they come to help as much as they are allowed. They know only too well of the struggles in life we go through.

Last Tuesday night, I was given the vision of numerous great souls who came to reveal themselves as they have done before. They stood together in a group, but more astounding was the glorious vision I held of the majestic face of Sai-Baba (call it Shirdi Sai Baba or Sathya Sai Baba) which hovered above them. It was His Divine Grace that was allowing those to help us along the path. But in truth, everyone is helped to a degree according to their own efforts and – to their own karma. Om Sai Ram.

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