Dried Trees


Purandare loved Baba as himself. When Baba suffered from something, he felt the pain in his own heart. It grieved him that Baba had to walk in the blazing sun to the Chávadi building or Lendi garden every day.

With great difficulty, he hauled a few saplings from Mumbai; he wanted to plant them along the path so that Baba could walk in the shade.

But Baba forbade him to plant them, and within three days the trees hung limp. Purandare was very sad when he saw them in that condition. Baba, who obviously knew, lovingly called Purandare and asked if he still wanted to plant them, but he replied that the trees had completely dried out.

“That doesn’t matter,” said Baba, “Don’t worry. Plant them anyway, even though they are dried. I will give them life. “Purandare planted them with dedication. They were blessed with the rain of Baba’s grace and began to grow.

‘ Baba is almighty,’ Purandare thought. Even today you can see these trees in Shirdi.

source: https://7dagenshirdisai.nl/

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