How to develop patience in this mundane world

In the present Kali Age, the non-practice of patience is leading man to become revengeful, jealous and greedy. It has lead to a great chaos in society, and man is giving too much importance to his physical body. If a person has patience then he will be able to acquire all the other important qualities such as mind control, sense control, renunciation, gratitude, faith and concentration. All these make up the state of inner purity. Attachment, hatred and jealousy even in the smallest measure, are impediments to develop patience.

Life is about accepting the present moment. In this modern age, most of us have forgotten to be patient and get irritated very quickly over minor issues. In fact, patience is a virtue that everybody must possess since it makes us better people.

Patience shapes a talent into into real achievements. To master any art or to enhance our talent, we need to make dedicated efforts for a long time. For realising our dreams, we must have the zeal to overcome challenges and this power to overcome roadblocks comes from patience only.

Sometimes, in our relationships, we become defensive, irritated, and say something that hurt others. Patience helps us to build empathy towards others and helps us to accept other people as the way which increases our tolerance.

 We need to see things and situations in a positive light to make our life a happier. And to get that positivity, we need to be patient. Anger and stress are two things that are enough to ruin a person’s health. And patience is the antidote to both these illnesses. Being patient, we can overcome any challenging situation with more flexibility and in a better way. Being stress free and happy helps us to stay healthier.

Impatience is directly correlated with narrow-mindedness and gets the mind to focus in on the negative side of things. The ability to place everything along our journey in the big picture is nurtured by patience. By being patient, we become open minded and visualise all the positive opportunities all around us and learn the lessons that can help us to anticipate roadblocks instead of being surprised by them, which makes them easier to deal.

Patience- with ourselves, others or life- is the state of being that occurs between experience and reaction. By cultivating a practice of patience, we are able to let go of things outside our control and live with less stress, anxiety, and frustration. When we look at what it means to have patience, it is ultimately about dealing with our own thoughts and emotions. As a spiritual being, there is an unbounded, limitless presence within us that is constantly seeking expression.

A powerful benefit to practicing patience is that we cultivate the peace of mind to guide ourselves out of the challenging moments. We should see these moments of self-reflection as opportunities to strengthen ourselves in self-control and grace. Even the simple act of looking within at a time when we are feeling impatient can be healing and provide an awareness to maintain our calm. We should tap it into our stillness and preserve it.

Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi descended on the earth to lead mankind to the realm of eternity The people who follow His teachings and preaching are indeed blessed souls. The cardinal principles of Sai Path are ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’.Baba reiterated that steadfast love and faith in God is the gateway to eternal bliss.’Saburi‘; is patience and perseverance.  Saburi is a quality needed throughout the path to reach the goal.  This quality must be ingrained in a seeker from day one, least he loses his stride and leaves the path half way  There are many trying situations in life.  A test may come in the form of frustration, distress, agony, illness, mishaps, prolonged wait or a loss.  In such moments we should seek support from the Master and hold on him.If patience means anything it should last till the end, and faith will see us through every turmoil of life.

To say patience is a virtue is an understatement. It’s really more of a skill—one that can be learned and needs constant nurturing. This is a regal trait—one of strength and majesty over our life’s circumstances. The Universe will respond to this attitude with support and cooperation. Patience is an expression of this awareness and of love. No great achievement was ever created instantaneously by anybody at anytime; it is always a function of patience.

 To conclude, the following lines from the Poem “Patience Is A Virtue” by Denis Martindale convey the importance of the noble quality:

Everything comes to those that wait, 
if they wait patiently…
If not on time, it may be late, 
But comes eventually.

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