Ma’s Grace

A true story of Ma’s grace. Hope you like it.

In 1948, Ma’s birthday anniversary was being celebrated in a private garden in New Delhi. One morning in the midst of satsang (religious congregation) a weird looking man entered the garden. He was dressed in a queer fashion and his face bore the look of insanity. He walked straight over to the women’s side and spoke to each woman with her head uncovered: “Cover your head!” No one took any heed of him.

This seemed to annoy him much. He was obviously getting more and more desperate. Finally he approached Ma and repeated his request to her as well. She at once complied with his wish and motioned to the girls sitting near her to do likewise. Every woman in the assembly followed suit. The stranger was visibly pleased at his sudden success. With a triumphant smile he walked across to the men’s side and sat down quietly.

After some time, however, he got up, announced in a loud voice that he wanted to leave. Ma handed an orange to some one to be passed on to him. This for some unknown reason infuriated the stranger and he threw the fruit at Ma with violence. He aimed well and it hit her. A wave of indignation surged through the crowd. Two of Ma’s devotees caught hold of the offender and tried to lead him out of the garden. At the gate he freed himself from their grip and attempted to return to the satsanga. One of the devotees hit him and with difficulty the intruder was finally turned out on the street. Ma later reprimanded the devotees, telling them: “You are not to prevent anyone from coming to this body. Moreover, you must not beat anybody.”

Next morning the stranger came again. This time he was decently dressed and looked normal. He did not concern himself with the women’s bare heads, but straightaway sat down with the men in a dignified manner and remained quiet throughout the satsanga. When it was over, he went up to Ma and talked to her. She invited him for lunch, and he stayed until after the meal. He was found to be an educated, cultured and amiable person. Afterwards it transpired that the throwing of the orange at Ma had caused the man such deep remorse that he was healed of his mental disturbance. He had been unbalanced and was restored to normality by Ma’s grace.

From the book: Anandamayi Ma the Mother Bliss-Incarnate

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