Saimaa came

It was on Tuesday 4th June 2019 around 12.30 pm, a miracle that I will always cherish in my life. I had visited Shirdi with my daughter, uncle and aunty on Monday. Despite the heavy pouring crowd of devotees, Sai took care of us like always and we got a splendid darshan. Each time I see the idol, I go listless and am spellbound by the love that baba showers on us.

Since years I had been praying, but here there were few things that weren’t working out. I cried out to our Saimaa in despair silently. I told Him that each time I came, I prayed with sincere heart and yet things haven’t taken shape for the better. Prayed to Sai earnestly that if this time he would appear as a fakir and whisper in my ears “Om Sairam”. In addition, He should carry any item related to puja. That would be an assurance that in due course life would be more blissful.

I waited until Tuesday afternoon, but no answer yet. Left Shirdi with a heavy heart telling Sai that I was indeed waiting for the blessing. We decided to proceed to Khandoba temple as that was the place where Sai appeared the first time he had visited Shirdi. Noon Aarti was to commence in some time. We prayed and left soon not waiting for Aarti, as we had a long return journey to make.

The moment I came near the shoe stand, I could sense from the corner of my eye someone waiting for biksha. For a moment I was ready to move towards the car as it was a normal sight in Shirdi. But one whisper from that person saying “Om Sairam” stopped me in my tracks and made me recollect my talk with Sai, and realization dawned on me that Saimaa is actually present personally this time to bless and assure me that all things will work out for the better soon and he will take care.

I had Rs.50 in my hand which I put in the Biksha jholi that the fakir was carrying. He had peacock feathers with him which he blessed me with (I had noticed similar peacock feathers placed in Shirdi Saibaba’s idol near the chest when I had visited the Samadhi) and he kept saying that all your wishes will be fulfilled. He came closer and was continuously saying something. I was too shocked to react. I heard him say that tomorrow is Eid and all your wishes will be fulfilled soon. He saw my daughter close to me and went out of his way to reach out to her and blessed her patting her with the feather saying that she will do well in studies and do great.

Nearby was my aunt, whom he had approached for bhiksha and she was about to get into the car. I told the fakir that she is with me. Without any hesitation he willingly reached out to her and blessed her too. I was by now awestruck and didn’t know what to do. But my mind knew it for sure that it was our Saimaa who came personally to bless us. We all got into the car. Yet the fakir came closer. He stood near the car patiently and was looking at all of us closely as if blessing us, until we departed from that place. I kept looking at him from the moving car and could see he was in the same place till we were out of sight.

My eyes were wet and I realised Saimaa listens and ensures that his devotees are taken care of. In hindsight, I wish I could have got down and fallen at his feet. But at that moment I was numb and could not react. It was like I was only watching, listening and witnessing the miracle unfold before my eyes, with great awe. Sabka maalik ek. Om sairam. Baba bless us all!

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