Every human being is evolving, and evolution is the law of Universe. Our inherent tendency is to expand and grow in our lives.

Our lives become better as we progress and continue to evolve. The question naturally arises, what is true progress and how does it impact other lives on this planet earth?

We toil every day to achieve success. Each one of us have our own definition of success. Most of the times it is a combination of achieving a certain level of material comfort, recognition, meaning in life by being useful to society, having loving relationships, etc.

We carry out a range of activities for being successful. While achieving progress or success do we sometimes consider the acts which we carry out are not harmful to others. Are we aware of the consequences which it can have on rest of the lives, be it fellow human beings, animals, birds, etc.

We share this planet with all other living beings and our responsibility includes non- interference and non-injury to other living beings. Our selfish desires must not blind us and lose sight of the fact that we are codependent on the nature.

Irresponsible science, consumerism etc are the factors being held responsible for the current crisis of corona-virus. Nature shows us we do not own this earth. We merely share this with other living beings. The parameters of success & continued progress must not be selfish and we must co-exist peacefully.

Law of karma rules supreme, and we own the consequences of our actions. May God grants us continued wisdom to learn the lessons and we base our future on dharma, satya, shanti, prema & ahimsa. Om Sai Ram.

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