What is the meaning of Shraddha and Saburi?


It is difficult to translate Shraddha into English. The closest words which come to mind are – faith, belief, trust, or confidence in a person. When Sai-Baba advised us to have Shraddha; what He meant was to trust and believe in Baba being the boat that can help sail us across the ocean of this samsara. Now samsara or the cycle of birth & death is not something to be excited about. Our memory regarding our previous lives may not come to us so easily. However, it is for sure that our experiences in every life are mixed and we realize that while we seek happiness, there is no way to achieve a state of permanent happiness. Even if one becomes happy because of any reason, the moments do not last forever.

Often the nights of misery & pain are more overwhelming than the bright blue skies of happiness. We often forget our real purpose of life during difficult times, it is precisely for those reasons that Baba has asked us to have Shraddha in Him and trust His guidance.

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When we have total faith in Baba or any other form of God or Guru; our problems do not disappear right away. Just like a seed takes time to grow and yield its fruits, so do our efforts in the right direction and Shraddha. We often become impatient and sometimes lose hope. Compared to our billions of years of travelling back and forth on various planes of existence, the duration of human life is like a drop in the ocean.

However, this is the life we are currently involved in; we rarely have memories of our past lives. The struggles of everyday life may make us impatient, it is therefore Baba has advised us to adopt Saburi or patience. Since nothing is permanent, even the sorrows or difficult times are also temporary. Baba advises us to trust Him and follow His guidelines and teachings and also be patient. The results will surely come.

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Dear friends, if life was easy for everyone, all must have been happy. But life is always a mixed bag of results. Through the good and bad times, we learn more about ourselves and about our true purpose in life. Baba is a great guide and teacher. His teachings are for our own benefit. Sai Ram. Love, Light & Peace to you all.

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