Quest for that

Since ages, human beings have searched for methods and means to be permanently happy. Happiness is the most sought after state of mind. We toil hard, barter our time and talents to achieve happiness in our lives. In the search, we also wander everywhere and always are on the lookout for opportunities to increase our happiness. We realize that the moments of happiness are always like fleeting joy. They come and go quickly like a breeze of the air; yet we do not stop our endeavors to attain happiness in any form.

Every generation passes on its accumulated knowledge & advancements in various disciplines of life to the next generation. Despite that, the problems of this world never cease to end. Sometimes mankind wonders if all its efforts to attain happiness by solving problems of life are truly in the right direction. What is worthwhile to pursue and what is not? Is there any catch there in our methods and current understandings?

Macrocosm & microcosm

From the days of Newton’s physics to today’s physics, the laws of physics are understood much better. What goes in the universe can be understood by digging deeper into what goes inside the smallest matter. In spiritual words; whatever happens in the macrocosm is a mere reflection of whatever happens in microcosm. Isn’t this interesting? We can take a flight outside and roam as much as possible, gaining understanding, developing perceptions and absorbing all that we can comprehend or we could catch the train which takes us inside us. We could understand the ebbs and flows of our own existence, our own thinking, etc. The external world can be a great guide for the internal journey.

Most of us are travelers at different stages of that internal journey. Trusting the selfless reflections of all the saints and seers who have come and visited this planet earth; I can certainly say that the eternal quest for truth or happiness can only be realized once we explore inside us. Our paths may be different; however, we still frequently encounter each other on the way. Whichever path we chose, our destination would be the same, do you agree? Let me know. Love, light, and peace.

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