Sai Baba: the guiding light

What is so unique about Baba that almost everyone is drawn to him the moment one knows about Baba and his life events. At the outset, it is the name itself which registers immediately in our minds. Baba or father is so much closer to the heart than any other name. Remembering Baba is like remembering someone near and dear to itself. For the mankind name of Sai Baba has provided easy access to a higher self. The name breaks all barriers between man and God. It appears as if Baba has come to help bridge the gap that mankind always finds itself in every age to reach God.

One can read multiple events that unfolded in the life of Baba in the Sai-Satcharitra book. Since Baba left his mortal body, this book has helped spread the message of Baba has given light to all seekers. It is left for another day and time for us to discuss the messages associated with each event in Baba’s life.

Baba is the inspiration behind this site, and Baba is the doer. Our team is merely an instrument into the hands of Baba and we feel extremely delighted and indebted while executing the instruction set given by Baba. All of us are in the same boat, and Baba is the “navik” or sailor. May Baba bless our effort & may Saraswati illuminate our mind with the necessary intellect to shoulder the responsibility and help us spread the message of Baba with appropriate content.

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