The Nazarene

~As we grow nearer to the day in which Jesus the Christ is celebrated by all Christians around the world, I felt it more appropriate to offer this reading given by the late Mrs Peggy Mason, of England, a devout devotee of Sathya Sai Baba in whom I believe many would know of~

Christmastide is almost upon us once again. So before we begin to worry ourselves unduly with lists of presents, cards, overseas mailings, arrangements, school holidays, outings, guests, charities, Christmas trees, decorations, rolls of wrapping paper, silver-cleaning and food-planning (to mention a few of the things we do worry ourselves with, however much we make up our minds not to!)  let us stop to ponder a little on what it is all about.

We are told by spirit teachers that festivals originated in the spirit spheres. In very early times, Man, or rather spirit manifesting in form, was much more closely associated with the spirit world and was able to partake of the Festivals in spirit in a semi-trance state. In due course, as the veil thickened between the two worlds, the spirit Festivals gradually became earth Festivals, adopted, and adapted for different purposes, often to suit the various cults and religions which emerged (or diverged) from the One religion – for there is only one religion.

Different cults held different forms of Festivals at different times, for calendars were forever being re-arranged. So it is not really surprising that the Festivals adopted to celebrate the incarnation of the Nazarene–He who came as the most perfect instrument of the Cosmic Christ Spirit yet to manifest on earth–was the existing Saturn Festival, “the Sower of Seeds,”  even though Jesus was born under the sign of Pisces.

Be that as it may, a great Festival is held in the spirit spheres at this time, at which our beloved Elder Brother, the Prince of Peace, the Great Healer, the Christed One, is present. The messengers of the Great Spirit conjoin with him – the guides, the teachers, the inspirers, the light-bringers, the servers.

These are they whose rightful abodes are the higher spheres, but willingly they turn their backs on the blessedness they have earned in order to descend the scale of vibrations into the murky atmosphere of our world.

“I wish you could see and hear the Nazarene,” says Silver Birch, “and feel that great love as he encourages us in our missions, as he expresses his knowledge of all that has been done, and urges us to go forward with new strength, with new hope, with new vision and with new purpose.”

And he says: “The splendour of the Nazarene does not belong only to the past, but to the present. Where do you think he is today……with your world of matter full of distress, troubles and bitterness? The power which operated through the Nazarene is operative again……We are urged, encouraged and enthused. We return to strive to perform our allotted missions.” The so-called Christian churches which insist on deifying him and despatching him to “sit at the right hand of God,” only succeeded in creating a great gulf in men’s minds which removed him from humanity and relegated him to some high heaven beyond our ken – in spite of his assurance: “Lo, I am with you always, even to the consummation of the world.” And not only this world. It must not be thought that the White Brotherhood, which he leads, is concerned with only one planet (even if it is the darkest) in our sun’s family of planets. Or alone with our solar system, or even our galaxy.

Listen to the words transmitted by a Venusian who calls himself Ashtar, on behalf of the mighty army of space Men involved in the “mission to Earth.” In many communications Ashtar refers to him as “Our Master and yours,” “our revered and Beloved Jesus, the Christ,” “our Beloved Commander-in-Chief,” “our Supreme Commander” …..In the message Ashtar explains how, a long time ago, they too were favoured with wise and patient Teachers from “Outer Space.”

“What they did for us ages ago,” he says, “we now offer to do for you…..The Christ Spirit manifests in many guises on all planes and planets…..The Spirit of Kindness, of Compassion, of Mercy, of Joy, Of Beauty, of Love in all its multitudinous forms, all of these are reflections of the Christ Spirit which our Master so magnificently presented for our emulation during his sojourn on Shan (Earth).

“As we made our lives conform with that inspired vision, we reach a point in our understanding where we were able to “see Him,” not only with our spiritual eye’s but with the sensitised lenses of our physical eye’s until now, I can tell you in all truthfulness, we enjoy the almost inconceivable privilege of entertaining Him on many occasions when He visits Venus.” Do not be confused by scientists or astronomers who say there can be “no life as we know it” on Venus or on other planets. In terms of “as we know it,” that is, on our low vibrational form of Manifestation, they are doubtless correct. Our range of vibrations is extremely limited – though the heightening and lifting of those vibrations is “now” beginning to take place.

But the vibrational rate of Venus, owing to its spiritual evolution, is very high compared with earths, which is why Venus shines forth her own (not reflected) magnificently bright light in the night sky. White Eagle tells us: “One day man will realise he is surrounded, not only by spirit worlds and beings, but by finer physical or semi-physical worlds inhabited by people similar to himself. Mingling with you sometimes are spirits not of this world but from other planets. It is not unknown for spirits from other planets to speak through a sensitive human instrument. Man is set in his ideas, and cannot get away from his one-track mind.”

Again he tells us: “In the beginning, messengers came to this planet not only from the spirit world, but from other planets and from outer space. God-men they were called. They came to bring man the vision glorious; to give him knowledge of the universal and celestial life.” Is it so strange that they are doing so again, in humanity’s hour of need, when we are at the cross-roads, when we turn every discovery into the means of destruction, when puny, unstable and unprincipled men, can press a button and destroy a world? Is it so strange that they remind us of the Asteroid Belt, which was once the planet Maldek until its men of science took their lethal experiments too far?

And is it so strange that Teachers both from the spirit world, and those from other planets corroborate each other’s statements, messages, descriptions, Teachings? Spirit life is not a state of being “after death,” as we so often think of it. We are living in a world of spirit now – as the Venusians are, as the Great Ones of Saturn are, as those from Outer Space are, as our friends who have left this Earth are. For all is spirit. Life is spirit. There is nothing but spirit, clothed in a form harmonious to it – and therefore on a wide variety of vibrations or frequencies.

“When people from a higher grade or degree of spirituality descend to a lower sphere,” White Eagle explains, “ there must be a stepping-down of the power, or adjustment, or slowing of the vibration before they are able to contact the more lowly. In the soul world, if there is an expedition from a higher level to a lower, the higher ones clothe themselves as it were with a cloak so that they will not cause too great a shock or disturbance.

It is exactly the same with the masters, and with visitors from space: they have to lower their vibrations and adjust themselves when they come near to Earth, because it would be impossible for ordinary people to bear their radiations.” We should not, and must not, rule out as impossible the idea that from time to time even the beloved Nazarene, the Master of Masters, can and does transmit his powerful thoughts through rare and finely attune human instruments – even though the results, as with all mediumship of whatever kind, may not be absolutely accurate.

I would like, therefore, to give part of a message which was received by automatic writing through the same instrument who received the many Ashtar scripts:  “Lo, ye do contradict thine own selves! One moment you pray for a visible demonstration of the reality of One sent into flesh nigh two thousand years agone, that thus thy faith may be justified. The next moment ye deride and scoff at anyone who tells thee of beings (not from highest heaven but from advanced planets more easily comprehensible to untutored, immature minds) sent of the Father to lead mankind to a partial understanding of the spiritual laws by which man may progress. “My words of Truth and Life have been discarded by the multitude as ‘impractical,’ have been distorted, have been mouthed in ‘vain repetitions’ until they have well-nigh lost there power to reach men’s souls, have been relegated to the realm of childish fondness for pleasing tales, oft cast aside as they grow to maturity. Think these befitting preparations for My manifestations in moral guise?  “Oh, my little children of earth, list not to those who prate of vast stores of knowledge to be acquired through years of arduous study of ponderous tomes designed to confuse thy minds and divert thee from the simple, direct pathway leading to true companionship with thy Master in thy daily thinking and living!

One Truth lived each hour of every day in conscious attunement with thy Master and the Heavenly Father doth bring Me closer to thee than endless hours of reasoning about this or that theory concerning Life and its purpose.” “To see me with thy physical eye’s would be to thee a boon beyond price, and this shall not be denied thee….yet will ye hasten the time of its occurring if ye will but behold Me in My spirit manifestation walking by thy side wherever duty calleth thee, revealing unto thee through our close understanding in what wise ye may best fulfill the tasks allotted to thee ere ye embarked upon thy present earth span.

“Many now reading My written words be here as “ambassadors” from far flung vistas of ‘outer space,’ having volunteered to endure the irritations of fleshly existence that they might in some wise aid in turning men’s minds towards a Christly mode of living. Unto thee consecrated ones I say, ‘Lo, I shall give unto thee, mayhap in a way ye be not expecting, a true vision of thy Master and His boundless love for thee!’

“Wouldst thou choose to see Me clothed in radiance of glory so dazzling you could not approach Me in thine earthly habiliments? Or may I come unto thee in seamless robe of perfect understanding of thine own earthly circumstances and problems?

“Choose thee the latter, I pray thee, and in due season thy faithful service, performed in My name and by My power, shall lead thee to the hour appointed by our Heavenly Father when thou shalt see thy Master face-to-face! …..Thine ever present Friend and Counsellor, Thy Prince of Peace.”

~I do not wish to add further words to the above, but as we keep the Festival Commemorating his descent into flesh at the beginning of the Piscean Age, may we also determine to co-operate with him and his messengers now, in the New Age of Aquarius, by endeavouring to “Live his Truth,” and to pass that Truth on by love and service to the best of our ability to others. This is what Christmas is about~ OMSAIRAM

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