Abode of Tranquility and Spirituality

The village of Shirdi was a remote unknown place
By its destiny, fortune and Divine Grace.
The advent of Mother Sai it witnessed
By the touch of His Lotus Feet its soil was blessed.

Sai inculcated in us the virtues of Shraddha and Saburi
And to accept all situations without fear and fury.
He taught us the lesson of Unity of Humanity
And get rid of greed, anger, hatred and vanity.

His sojourn on earth led to a silent revolution
Our minds and souls experienced a spiritual evolution.
Baba showed that all creatures had the same spark of Divinity
And taught us to face happiness or sorrow with equanimity.

After becoming formless, Sai still pervades this Divine Paradise
The number of pilgrims to Shirdi continues to rise
Without any distinction, all devotees witness equality
Shirdi has become an abode of tranquillity and spirituality.

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