God’s or Baba’s Compassion

I was invited to sit with a group of people in a friend’s home one night back in 1993 (satsang). The meeting was to hold a talk on Sathya Sai Baba, One of the main topics was to discuss in-depth that of his healing miracles.

Sitting in the group was a woman with advanced lung cancer. She was a heavy smoker since her early teenage years which she freely admitted to all present. Even though she was diagnosed with this terrible disease, she still could not quit smoking altogether. She was pale and thin and wore a tight-fitting hat to cover her head as she lost all her hair from chemotherapy treatment. 

As I spoke about the miracles performed by Baba occurring all over the world and witnessed by very prominent people, I could not help in noticing the eyes of this woman who I knew was very interested in what I was saying. Feeling deeply for her I silently offered a prayer to Baba asking for his help. Then I mentioned vibhuti and how it has miracle properties which comes through Baba’s Grace. 

I told all those present how Baba materializes this grey ash with a wave of his hand, and how it has healed many people afflicted with life-threatening diseases, and on many occasions brought back to life those who have been dead for hours and even days. All this I told them has been witnessed, verified and documented by medical practitioners at the time. I made sure that what I was saying was not only on hearsay, but have met some of those who were healed and saved.

This woman known as (Kath)…being in her mid-50s asked more about vibhuti; not knowing a great deal of it myself at the time, but only in what I read through the books of Howard Murphet …. Jack Hislop …. N. Kasturi and others …. I told her that on my last visit to India in 1992, Baba Himself filled my hands with this vibhuti which was in little grey packets, and I have them at home where I use them for when it’s needed.

Her eye’s widened as she said: can I have a packet please? “Of course you can”, I told her. I’ll bring one around for you tomorrow which brought a smile to her dear face. I then told her I will also give a small framed photo of Baba to sit next to your bed. Again her face lit up with delight. Before you take a small amount of vibhuti, I said; pray to Baba for His help. Then put the ash on your tongue while holding Baba’s image in your mind. Do this each morning and night for a week and see what happens and please, keep me informed.

It was two weeks later when Kath’s daughter phoned me late one night. I answered the phone to hear a young woman politely apologising for phoning so late. She said that her mother direly needs vibhuti as she had run out. The daughter continued to tell me that her mother cannot sleep and is in some pain, the only thing that helps is the vibhuti. She continued in saying; after taking it her pain eases and sleep comes easily for her. 

I told her I will bring it immediately. Not more than (10) minutes later I was knocking on her door in my pajamas. The daughter looked me up and down and smiled, with some embarrassment I said, in my haste, I forgot I was in my PJs.

As soon as I got home the phone rang, it was Kath’s daughter telling me that her mother is fast asleep. As soon as she put vibhuti on her tongue, she began to fall quickly into a deep sleep. A few weeks later I received a phone call from my friend telling me that she and Kath were very close, best of friends you could say.

She told me that Kath has been cured of cancer. She said Kath’s old x-rays show cancer throughout her lungs (a dark shadow), the doctor sent her for another x-ray to check on its progress only because Kath was showing remarkable signs of health – instead of showing cancer it showed a clear image without the shading.

The doctor calls it a miracle where he has witnessed nothing like this before in his entire career as a doctor. My friend told me how Kath was very fearful of dying, and how she had prayed often for Baba’s help. I met Kath a week later where she thanked me for all that I had done; I told her it was Baba’s Grace she received. Then two months later I received a phone call from her son telling me that his mother (Kath), has just recently died. 

I was shocked when hearing this. How I said; mum died peacefully in her sleep from a cerebral hemorrhage. Her son then said; but one thing (Wayne), mum died happily, and she had no fear and no pain. That alone puts us all at peace. Later I sat down and did some meditation, I offered my prayers for Kath then fell silent.

The words below are what I received in meditation:

Kath received new hope in God, she found God in Baba. Her faith was restored through God’s compassion and love. Because of her prayers and faith, she received “Peace” of mind and her fear was taken away. Through her efforts, she was cured of her disease. “But,” her time was up …. she had to go …. so she was taken in a very wonderful way and that was in her sleep with no pain and definitely, no fear. 

What a wonderful death. Before she died, I discovered through her family that Kath kept Baba’s photo always beside her bed. She would constantly talk to Him before falling asleep each night, then talk to Him when her eyes opened each morning. She found God in the last moments of her life. What a blessing. What Grace. Isn’t BABA WONDERFUL!!!!! 

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