Sai Baba, The Eternal Charioteer As a Doctor

As a Unique Doctor

Incident 1

Once, a lady devotee of Baba suffered from severe pain in her eyes. Doctors examined her and declared that even doctors abroad would not be able to help her. The husband brought her to Shirdi and every day he used to take her around Baba’s Samadhi. She promised to offer an embroidered shawl to Baba’s palaquin if she was cured. In the course of a year, she was all right and she fulfilled her vow. Yashwant Deshpande, Vithal Deshpande’s father, had lost his sight due to old age, but he had a strong desire to go to Shirdi and bow to Baba. As his son was busy, he asked his grandson to accompany him to Shirdi and thus he came to Shirdi.

While prostrating, the old man said to Baba, “Baba, I am sorry. I can’t see You,” to which Baba said, “Of course, you will be able to see”. Meanwhile, the boy had gone to the lodging to bring the purse which he had forgotten there. Baba passed His hand over the old man’s eyes and at once his blindness was gone and his sight restored. Then Yashwant left with Baba’s permission and ‘udhi’ while his grandson returned and not finding his grandfather there, ran about searching for him. He found him at last in their lodging quite safe, having walked all the distance from the Mosque.

Incident 2

One day, a blind man came and sat in the shade of the tree where Baba was meditating. A few rowdies came and manhandled the blind man. This disturbed Baba’s meditation. He came to know about the commotion. Feeling pity Baba with His divine hands cleaned both his eyes and holding the eyelids firmly with His hands, passed divine rays from His eyes into those of the blind man. Unable to bear the agony of the burning eyes the blind man cried aloud and fainted. After a short time the blind man regained his consciousness and found that he was no longer blind ! Shyama’s uncle had a blind grandfather. Shyama led him to Baba. Baba simply laid His hand on the old man’s head and his eyesight was restored. Source Saipadananda July 2013

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