Sai Baba – The Eternal Charioteer Loves Those Who Obey Him

Sai Baba always treated all the devotees equally there was no distinction based on Caste or creed or money in the Darbar of Sai Baba. Saibaba also treated animals as equal. Sometimes He came in the form of animals to accept the food prepared by His devotees. Here is one such story wherein Baba came both in the form of a animal and human.

Damu Anna Rasane (chapter. 6 & 25 of SAI SATCHARITA) observed that SHRI SAI always treated all creatures and men of low positions as HIS EQUALS OR AS HIMSELF. When Damia invited SHRI SAI for meals at his lodgings in Dixit wada, the latter replied that though HE HIMSELF would not go, yet HE would send Bala Patel (of low caste) to be Damia’s guest.

SAI further said,”DON’T CRY DHUT DHUT AT him i.e. DO NOT HUMILIATE THE GUEST BY GIVING him A PLACE TO SIT FAR AWAY FROM YOU.” When Damu Anna prepared sumptuous meals, he kept a plate for SAI and called out, “SAI, come.”

A black dog came from nowhere and ate from SAI’s plate after which Damia made Bala sit beside him and both had their meals together. More than rituals, SAI loved those who obeyed HIM. BOLO SHRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI!

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