Sainath – Our Saviour

The soil of Shirdi was blessed
The advent of Lord Sai it witnessed
He incarnated to eradicate the miseries of the human race
And shower on them His Divine Love and Grace.
Sai answered prayers and fulfilled the desires of mankind
Their Spiritual Upliftment was always in His mind.
He had respect all faiths and creeds
He preached the harmony between our thoughts, words and deeds.
Sai Satcharitra was a Gift of the Divine
For Shraddha and Saburi in us to shine.
It imparted lessons to enhance our Spirituality
And to immerse us in Bliss and Tranquility.
Sai is the indweller of all
And continues to be active as per His clarion call.
He exists beyond existence
There is no dearth of food and clothing in our homes for subsistence.
His Divine Sports evoke in us a religious fervor
We look upto Him as our Saviour
Oh Sai, lead us from Darkness to Light
May we be ever Pure, Compassionate and Upright.

Rajiv Kaicker
New Delhi

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