What do you understand by Saburi

Most people who have heard about Shirdi Sai Baba would have certainly come across this term “Saburi”. It is hard to miss Saburi being said in the same breath as Shradha. The literal meaning of Saburi is patience.

Every word told by realized saints is potent and is very powerful. There is always an obvious meaning. And then there are various levels of more profound meanings which become clear only by time and with Guru’s blessings.

Unraveling the true meaning of the word Saburi can be understood to be a very long process. However, everyone of us assimilate and realize the spirit of Saburi by our everyday experiences. By our contemplation on the matter and most importantly by Baba’s grace.

Our whole idea of life is based on the concept of future. If future looks bleak and uncertain, any person can start losing perspective and sense of purpose. A true meaningful future is where human spirit realizes its true potential. When the spirit slowly overcomes all that which continue to draw it closer to earth and all which ultimately leads to misery. Known or unknown to oneself, every soul’s journey is towards expansion.

Expansion of the ability to see more, feel more, understand more, contribute more, connect more, be more happy, be more content, be more purposeful & be more at peace with itself. Like the mythological churn of ocean, the life gives us the hidden jewels of understanding only after a certain level of churn happens between periods of happiness and misery. Since, we lack insight and also foresight about events which unravel in our lives, many of us tend to give up too soon. It is for that purpose, SABURI asks us to continue to go on. SABURI asks us to see a higher meaning with whatever happens in our lives and never ever give up. SABURI is the boat which helps sail over the raging tempest in the ocean of our life.

As human beings, it is very natural for us to have expectations from people around us and from our families too. However, since human beings are not perfect beings, so are our dealings with each other. At times, intentionally or unintentionally, we may start losing our minds on matters which over time may look trivial over time. SABURI is the tonic which we need at that time. It is SABURI which makes us realize that it is wiser to let the love rule where the human relationships are concerned. SABURI helps us realize that we always get what we should and it is just a matter of time. There is no point in getting too ahead of ourselves in relationships, expectations etc.

Dear friends, what does Saburi mean for you? Do you have any experience or insight to share when you understood Saburi from your perspective. We would be very happy to hear from you. Om Sai Ram. Love, Light & Peace to you all.

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