Evil has no rigid place in God’s universe

Yogi Spencer received messages from Shirdi Sainath.

Discourse No. 3

Life is a tussle between tear and smile. Don’t think of your tears but wipe the tears of others. Forgot your own sorrow but ever keep in mind the suffering of others. Kiss those who kick you, love those who hate you. Sweeten the path of sorrow with the warmth of your heart, the fire of your soul, the kiss of your spirit.Why fume and fret and be frustrated? Every load you carry, every harsh word you hear, the taunts and sallies of your wicked world – they are tour friends, not foes, for they redeem your soul and take you to God.Forget the evil doer and forgive him. Let not the fire of hatred burn in your heart. Replace it with the warmth of your love.

Be gentle as a dove, but stiff as a rhinoceros, when, you come to bay in your fight against unrighteousness. Forgive the evil doer but annihilate evil with the sledgehammer of virtue and piety. Be an angel in the garb of man and spread God’s love and light with all the fire of your soul and spirit.Virtue shall triumph for it is the will of God. Evil shall be annihilated for it has no rigid place in the evolution of God’s universe.

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